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    I love to play video games, I try to have an open opinion when playing different types of games and just enjoy being a gamer and not a fanboy.
  1. Bummer, just start playing PS2 in hopes to join the Angry Army, oh well, Loyalty until death!!!
  2. Welcome!
  3. I wish I could play again, WoW takes all the bandwidth in my house XD For the Alliance! Proud and always will be Alliance!
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome to the Angry Army! What games do you like to play regularly and which platforms? You could play in some groups!
  6. Are we talking about CoD or are arguing over something pointless?
  7. True, but at that time, BF3 was the hype of 'realistic' and I could only laugh. And yeah, FPS can't be fully realistic since it would lose the fun factor in some people's opinions. But the most near realistic I played were SWAT 4 and Arma 2.
  8. And I still remember Battlefield 3, pressing A to super jump from train cart to the other when it's at full speed. Realistic.
  9. Well, Blizzard wil have to inovate which I see from Overwatch, sure, not the most original idea in thw world but they have their own spin that makes Blizzard, Blizzard.
  10. I'm pretty sure once we play the game, we'll find some Easter eggs about Project Titan.
  11. I signed up ever since it was announced, we should expect the keys to be given out in January.
  12. There isn't one yet, we're hoping it's this fall
  13. I think even as of now, Tracer is Blizzard's best female characters since Kerrigan in my opinion.
  14. PSN: DavidXlongshotX Class: Heavy Assault
  15. Would love to but waiting for PS4 version.