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  1. Who? I can't see, yer blockin' my view.
  2. Brought a tear to my eye
  3. The trick to saving money when getting a gaming PC is to buy the individual parts and put it together yourself. You'll pay a tad bit more to have one pre-built for you. Having done this myself several times, I can tell you that yes, the idea of it is intimidating the first time. I bought all my parts and had literally no idea what I was doing. But it -really- is simply Insert Item A into Slot A and so forth. If you don't want to go super crazy graphics (The best skyrim mods are the ones that add content in my opinion) then you can manage pretty well without blowing a budget. If money is an issue, the trick is to buy each part one at a time when you are able. Seeing the progress of your pile of parts growing is a rewarding sensation that is topped off with the actual construction. Man, when I hit the power button after my first build and watched all those fans start whirling and the lights all go on and the boot menu come up I fist pumped the air so hard xD If you would like, message me with the amount of money total you'd like to spend and I can put a parts list together for you, and of course I'd be happy to help with any questions when the time comes to put it all together. I promise it is intimidating to think about, but it is -not difficult- to do. To be back on topic, I like the lore of Fallout significantly more because I am a sucker for alternate timelines. There's this game for the PS2 or 3 I think that was like...if aliens invaded during WWII or something. I never played it but wanted to so badly @_@ Elder scrolls lore just never really...grabbed me I guess. However, I have gotten significantly more play time and enjoyment out of Oblivion and Skyrim than I have with Fallout. Mods help a lot, there are some for Skyrim that are basically expansion dlc in terms of size and scope. One of which (I think either falskaar or wyrmstooth) was built to try to get a job with Bethesda as a resume xD funny story, if I remember correctly he ended up getting noticed by Bungie instead and got a job working on Destiny. So uh...dunno if that's a happy ending or not lol But I digress...think I'll vote for Elder Scrolls on this one.
  4. Having several hundred hours into this game across two platforms the biggest thing I can stress is to pick a weapon that you like, and like the attack animations of, and stick with it. I've killed more players and NPC enemies with a +10 longsword than with any crazy spinning-backflip-attack boss weapons. People beat this game wearing no armour whatsoever and using only their fists. Find your comfort zone and stick with it.
  5. Personally disagree. We're witnessing cracks in his brainwashed soldier exterior and seeing his damaged humanity underneath. I find it rather fascinating character development. But yea, couldn't care less about Locke. Their entire marketing campaign for this game became irrelevant after the first third of the campaign.
  6. Don't hate me for saying this, but i still need to play ODST x3
  7. Would like to hear what people think having beaten the campaign. I really enjoyed the overall plot, feeling like the blue team missions had a lot of weight to them despite being so few. The continued development of the relationship between Chief and Cortana has always been one of my biggest enjoyments with the series and this has not disappointed me. Though I'll admit, unless people have read up on the extended universe then a lot of the forerunner talk will confuse the shit out of them. I honestly think Cortana is not correct with the intentions of the Mantle. Everything I read has indicated that both the precursors and the forerunners intended humanity to take it up, so I think she is bending the interpretations. After all, she is in the Domain, prolly the most advanced overwhelming system she's ever interfaced with. Remember how she reacted when she was put into the control room for installation 04 in halo 1? https://youtu.be/1xz2OWdWWcI?t=45s I'm excited to see where halo 6 goes, or even if they give us spartan ops with 5. Having missions/horde game types to go with telling the story of humanity fighting the war against cortana's forces. With the Smart AI's joining up, maybe we'll see Black Box or FERO from hunt the truth?
  8. Joined! Gonna be switching to part time pretty soon, so ya'll gonna be seeing me around again
  9. I can answer 2 and 3 The only benefit the games receive is that they are running on better hardware. Mass Effect 1 has faster load times and less texture pop-in on the xbox one and yes you can play with others on the 360, you are literally running a 360 inside your xbox one and can do anything including party chat
  10. Its the day I get home latest in the week from work but if people are on around 9-9:30 I'd be there
  11. It has launched! I had to search 'Magic Duels' for it, but downloading now!
  12. Launch is on friday the 31st https://www.reddit.com/r/magicduels/comments/3etynk/xbox_one_potential_release_date/
  13. Just over one year ago, myself and a few others gathered together for a singular purpose. To take the scattered gamertags within the AJSA and unite them under the Angry Joe banner so that they may find each other to enjoy video games together. Since our initial success in acquiring Official Status, the Xbox One Community has grown in ways we never predicted. Soon it became impossible for me to manage on my own, and thus the Xbox One Staff came to be. With the ranks filled by chosen gamers in the community, the Staff has worked tirelessly to provide as many experiences as possible for the AJSA to unite and conquer across many titles on our platform. It has been a roller-coaster ride of success and not-so-success, many ideas we pushed proved to be positive learning experiences on how we as the leaders of this community could do better. And today I am sadly announcing that, due to developments IRL for myself, I am no longer able to give the time and dedication needed to provide the community with the leadership it deserves. I am stepping down as the Xbox One Community Commander. In my place, I would ask that you all welcome RuneX as he steps up to fill the role I have had the privilege to receive. He has my complete confidence in the ability to grow the community further. It has been an honor to serve the community in this role, and I look forward to seeing how far it will continue to go.
  14. Here is a list of the current Xbox One staff members and the games they are related to. Looking for people for Smite, or fellow soldiers to fight along side of in Battlefield 4? Or perhaps you are interested in joining in another game we support? Either way, these are the people to talk to! Xbox One Commander RuneX (Gamertag - AScapeRunePlaya) Battlefield 4 Game Officer: Slade Bogaty (Gamertag - Slade Bogaty) Game Sergeant: JT Gunner (Gamertag - JT Gunner) Smite Game Officer: TaylorEugene (Gamertag - xRubMyNixonx) Game Sergeant: Chumbry42 (Gamertag - Chumbry42) Elder Scrolls Online Game Officer: Psykogrl (Gamertag - Psykogrl) Halo 5 Game Officer: Blurmania 53 (Gamertag - Awakeningrager1) Neverwinter Game Sergeant: AJSAWookieJedi (Gamertag - AJSAWookieJedi) Minecraft Game Officer: Bamboe (Gamertag - bamboe Ei7056) Rocket League Game Officer: Bamboe (Gamertag - bamboe Ei7056) GTA Online Game Organizer: Slade Bogaty (Gamertag - Slade Bogaty) The Division Game Organizer: Slade Bogaty (Gamertag - Slade Bogaty) Black Ops III Game Organizer: Slade Bogaty (Gamertag - Slade Bogaty) Additional Staff Xbox One Community Messenger: Shagger (Gamertag - ShaggerAJSA)
  15. Whatever extra power they use for rendering two+ screens i guess is going into other stuff. Bigger maps, more enemies at once, better AI. Background shit, shiny graphics. Who knows.