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  1. I wouldn't even show up as a blip on NCSoft's radar, but managed to get invites to both closed betas so far. Maybe being on the B&S mailing list for aaaages, had something to do with it. Either way, hope you got in, and are having fun with it. Er, what, you're kidding right? Ok, let's look at maters just surrounding Blade & Soul for starters. Looking around this site, the only threads on the topic of this game seems to be this one, and the one I started back when NCSoft finally started letting people know it was finally going to get released. That thread didn't have all that much varied activity, as a lot of its posts were from the same few people, so just from that you can gauge there not being much interest for the game in this community. Meaning there wasn't really any need to again try to gauge the interest people had for the game, making this thread pointless, and thereby inefficient. Next there's the poll questions. Based on current info, it does not look like there will be two server types, as like some other games, this game just isn't set-up for such a split to work, and based on what others have said elsewhere, other releases don't split things up like that either. Then with the second, he shot the value of asking which faction down right in that first post, players just can't freely decide that, as the game tries to balance the two sides, and you need to pick one to start a clan, plus everyone in the clan needs to be in the same faction. In which case the questions were pointless, and thereby inefficient. Now let's look at his conduct after my accusation. He responded to a personal, off topic issue, openly in these forums, that's wrong, and against the rules. I knew that straight away, yet here this former forum mod, and current fairly high ranking member of this site just went ahead, and did that. Then continued to write some long ass wall of text to someone that already stated they wanted nothing to do with him, as such, it stands to reason would not read said post, which I didn't. Yet despite all that, you're claiming he should be given more authority, and that would be good for this site? Seems to me that he's demonstrating the very complaints you have about the leadership himself. As for the Wildstar issue, it had two leaders, he was one of them. He stated in that poll thread being on the PvP server was what he wanted, and that's what he got. Then if I was in his position, I'd have just told the others person that ignoring the will of the community like that was flat out wrong, and if that's what he/she wants to do, then I want nothing to do with it, so he/she would have to tell people that what they want doesn't matter himself/herself. Instead Seph stuck with it, and in a happy toned post announced that it was being set up on a PvP server, then shut down any open discussion on that matter himself. If you want to believe he's just so great for this community, then that's up to you, I on the other hand have had enough of this community, and have finally decided to leave, which is something I've been debating about for upwards of a year now, and have even said about as much a number of months ago already.
  2. People always seem to try to point to WoW as if it was the origin of all things MMO, it's not. WoW was released in 2004, Anarchy Online was released in 2001, with its Shadowlands expansion coming along in 2003. The new levels, and areas of TERA is basically just like Shadowlands was for Anarchy Online, while both didn't add too many levels numerically relative to the previous cap, the difference in power between a char, and gear of the new cap, compared to the old one was huge. For all I know something like Utlima Online, or Everquest may have done the same before that as well. Then the equipment treadmill is also old news, and a common way companies use to try to keep people playing. Every so often they put out new content, with new equipment that makes the old stuff look like crap. Although with Asian sourced games in particular there's often an enhancement system on top of it, so not only do you need to grind to get the stuff, you also need to grind to enhance it as the difference between a +0, and a +X in some games can be insane. It's all just gotten to be par for the course with online games, so that sort of stuff is something you simply expect from them over time. I find the only way you can last in these games is if you enjoy the core experience of playing it, rather than trying to be the best, of the best, of the best, with all the best stuff, and so on as some seem to. They are also the ones screaming bloody murder after new content expansions, with new equipment, especially in games that are almost all PvE, but they're trying to play for the tacked on PvP, and hate the PvE.
  3. Here's the thing, while the poll was going on the leadership for Wildstar was selected as another person as the head, and you. Next when the vote had over sixty votes made, and was going roughly 2:1 in favour of starting on a PvE server, you reported that starting on a PvE server was only being taken into consideration, but wanted to start on a PvP server. Your own stated personal stand on the matter was that you wanted to start on a PvP server, and when that was the decision, even when the PvE vote was ahead, you were clearly fine, or even happy with that. You were ok with going against the will of the community, for a group meant to be for that community, that's the main problem I have right there. I don't need to play a game with a person to know that if that's their stance on such an issue, that I would have a real problem with that person, and would rather not deal with them. When the decision was made ahead of the release, the pole thread was promptly closed, by you. When someone started another thread to discuss the decision, it was closed, by you, indicating people would need to talk to you, or the other person in charge (who I don't think we had even heard from) privately if they wanted to discuss it, but the sentiment that was given was that the decision was made, and that was that, it wasn't just me that got that impression either. Just to be clear here in case someone tries to suggest it, I now, and always have had zero interest in running some AJSA clan for Blade & Soul. My issue here is purely due to the apparent pointlessness of this poll, and Seph.
  4. Going to have to echo what MadDemon64 said in regards to this as well. Also it's kinda pointless to even have such votes, unless you conduct it among a PvP dedicated community, which this isn't, it's a given the PvE vote would win. Although as your previous Wildstar vote showed, you, and whoever may be running this AJSA, guild as we all know that's what is bound to happen should one be made, could just ignore the community, and set up on the PvP server instead, decision made, no further discussion allowed, if you don't like it, don't join. Except first off, as you even said, you can't even reasonably pick your preferred faction, since the game regulates who can join up with which faction so one side does not grossly outnumber the other. For a game like this, it'd be better to just have a generalized group that plays together, regardless of faction, with no defined clan in game, rather than to plan around a dedicated clan, with the main planning, and community aspect on this site. Could try setting up two clans, one for each, but may not be able to get that many people playing in the long run for those to be all that successful. With that being the case, reasonably speaking, getting the AJSA playing together in B&S would just be about server selection, which again, based on current info, wouldn't be split between PvE, and PvP servers, so it'd just be to get everyone on the same one, rather than a matter of preference, but with no release date, and just closed betas which will surely be accompanied with wipes, now seems far too early to plan anything. It also means there's nothing to even vote on, I imagine there will be some interest, not sure if there'd be enough to justify a making it an AJSA official game though. If you want to make a vote, just asking people if they'd play makes more sense, although with no release date, it'd seem far too early for that too. It just feels like this is done so the community starts thinking of you as the B&S leader early, as when there's so many unknowns, including the release date, and it's been shown that the will of the community can be outright ignored, and you were fine with that since it fit into your preference, I can't see any other reason for this poll than such a self serving one.
  5. My understanding of what was said before is that in the final release there will not be PvE, and PvP servers, just different ones to spread out the population, with the option to flag yourself to PvP if you want to while playing. Meaning everyone needs to be of the same server, and faction, but that's it. Should also add that this poll seems rather premature as the closed betas will continue till the end of the year (Closed Beta 1: Oct 29–Nov 2, Closed Beta 2: Nov 13–16, Closed Beta 3: Nov 24–30, Closed Beta 4: Dec 11–14, Closed Beta 5: Dec 18–21), after which time I'd imagine they'll follow those up with an open beta before the full release. That likely won't come out here in full release till maybe mid to late 2016 at the earliest by my estimate, as betas aren't expected to start till some time in 2016, while B&S has betas going on now, and is slated for full release likely in early 2016. I'm honestly not expecting much from Black Desert, it just strikes me as a character creator, with a game of some description attached to it that tries to tick all the boxes for "in" things games are suppose to have. They've been kinda wishy-washy about what their plans for it have been too, first it was going to be some hard-core PvP thing, with kinda broken balance, then they realised the market wasn't really going that way, so went casual. I'm sure it'll draw lots of attention at launch, but expect that to fizzle out soon enough.
  6. Again, people gave bad reviews for Aliens Colonial Marines as they didn't get the game they were lead to believe they would. In the case of Broken Age, people still held out hope that it'd be more when the rest came out, but once it did come out, they were disappointed. Many of those would have been people that bought in during the Kickstarter, when there was no title, plot, art, videos, demo, etc.. Once again, that was where what they expected, and what they got wasn't the same thing, which yet again wasn't the case with Undertale. Surprisingly enough people like it when they get what they expected, and paid for, but don't like it when they don't get what they expected, and paid for, shocking, right? Going to have to fervently disagree with that one. Anytime I see Double Fine Productions associated with a game now, I just avoid it outright. Look at the mess with Broken Age, and Spacebase DF-9, then many felt they executed Hack 'n' Slash horribly. I've often run into crap controls, and/or camera in their games that just make them unenjoyable for me. Take all the people that talk about stuff like Psychonauts as supposedly being so great, if you can look past the poor controls, I can't, good controls are critical for me to enjoy a game, and they can't seem to get those right, or code a good camera in a 3D game to save their lives. So to me, he is some washed up has-been trying squeeze money out of people based off of the nostalgia people feel for the games he was involved in when he was just a game director, not a business owner. You didn't get the comparison. Both are games that will only appeal to a relatively small number of people, or in other words, are niche games. People not into the type of niche either cover, may dislike, or even hate them. The fact this thread has only the two of us in it just goes to show how little interest there seems to be here for Undertale. Then all I wanted to do was drop the comment about how skewed the Steam reviews may be, and leave, but you just had to try to pick some of what I said apart. Ok, so now they're good again? Are you a politician, you seem to change your view point on things with the changing of the wind. I think Kickstarter is absolute crap, but if I got some game that I thought was great, which had a successful Kickstarter campaign, like say FTL, I wouldn't use the successful Kickstarter campaign to help back up my position on what I think of the game. Yet here you just finished bashing Steam reviews as not being something one can rely on, and at the same time use them to prop up your position.
  7. Well it's not like what I think SEGA was doing where they'd try to apply a copyright take down of a video, Nintendo just does a content ID claim to take the ad money, or you go through their system, and they take most of it. It may also only apply to let's plays, and again, only those on Youtube, so you could do let's play all day, every day on Twitch, and may be able to do reviews on Youtube with some game play shown, and they'd ignore that. It is also possible to do good reviews of games without using even a shred of video content from the game, just look at the Zero Punctuation series of reviews. If you were to do some Hollywood movie review on TV, with some content from the movie shown, you wouldn't be able to just use whatever you please, and show as much as you want. All you could use is stuff that was authorized for use, and would need to get permission for anything else. Nintendo is basically trying to impose, to a degree, the same sort of restrictions on gaming let's plays on Youtube, it's just that people have been used to being able to do anything they want, and don't want that to change. This is a typical process, something new comes along, some people figure out ways to make money with it, then along comes big business, and the law with regulations in an area where people were used to doing whatever due to the lack of restrictions. After that a number of the smaller players trying to turn a profit die off, leaving just the bigger ones that may end up being absorbed by some big business, pretty sure The Escapist was absorbed by Polaris/Disney a while back for instance.
  8. There's also people like me that wouldn't touch Kickstarter with a 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 foot pole, so what's your point? What you said does nothing to disprove what I did, the Kickstarter for this game just happens to have real info on the game, and an actual demo, you know, something to play, so people can get an actual idea if the game may actually be worth spending money on to them. The two you mentioned were on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Alien Colonial Marines effectively lied about the game until it was released. Then with Broken Age/Double Fine Adventure all you had to go by was that some twit that had some connection to games made many years ago that people liked wants to make another game in the same genre, and nothing else. Seriously, that's all people had to work with, no name, no plot, no art, no videos, no demo, no nothing of any substance, just the genre, and the twit behind it, "whee, let's all throw millions at him, it'll be great!!!" There's also people that even with overwhelming evidence pointing to something being crap, they will insist that it's not, as they can't admit it to themselves. People going on about how amazing it is keep talking about emotion. "It'll make you cry," I don't want to cry due to my games, that's not why I play games. "It'll teach you what love is," I've got real people in my real life for that. Thanks, no, I'll just go back to games where I do stuff like beating things soundly upon the head in a variety of ways till they fall over, and puke some loot out thank-you very much. Some critics go gaga for stuff like this, as after playing a bagillion rather similar games, they get bored of it, and want something different (look at some Mad Max critic reviews, like Jim Sterling's), then this comes along, screaming "I'm different, holy fucking hell am I ever different!," and they're happy. Especially with it looking as it does, likely only a relatively small group of people would look at this, and go "yep, I'm in," then slap some money down for it. With a demo, and the Internet they'd know what they're getting themselves into for this now released game. I find stuff like this, to be like those Sakura games, it'll only appeal to so many people, and those people will know what they're getting themselves into easily enough before they even have to drop some money down for it. Difference between this, and those is that people will proudly point to how they play this as it's just so different, and indie, and the cool thing to do at the moment, playing, and liking Sakura games on the other hand people would be less willing to make public. This would surely be one of those flash in the pan sort of games that some people can't shut up about for a while, then is forgotten by most everyone before long. If Steam reviews are rubbish, then why use them at all, let alone be one of only two sources you mentioned to back up your initial statement of how people are speaking so well of it?
  9. Actually I later remembered the post PewDiePie made, and video Boogie made on the mater back around the start of Nintendo's policy. In them I seem to remember they both stated that they will continue to do Nintendo content, they just won't monetize the Nintendo related Youtube content they produce, as they felt they were doing well enough that they don't need to monetize everything, and would do it as a service to their fans. Except for PewDiePie, Joe would be as big, to even a much bigger name than the others you mentioned. Then Jim Sterling after going out on his own now apparently makes all his money from Patreon donations, and doesn't put ads in any of his videos any more. Now if they can do that, why couldn't Joe? It should also be noted that at the time, Joe only put some of his let's play Twitch content on Youtube, so him skipping the Nintendo ones wouldn't have even been irregular conduct. For let's plays he would make money from the ads shown to people watching the original Twitch stream, money from donations during the stream, and money from ads shown to those watching recordings of the stream on Twitch, so it's not like he wasn't even making money from the Nintendo let's plays, as they only go after the Youtube ad money. Aside from that he gets donations here at the site, some pay for special rank status at this site, and he seems to be getting more paid promotional stuff going on than he used to, so has numerous sources of income he didn't have before, as before this site, he seemed to mostly just rely on Youtube. Then if you look at the Youtube view counts for his uploaded Youtube videos, from most to least views they are game reviews, rants, movie reviews, let's plays, and finally interviews. Let's plays tend to get about 10% as many views as game reviews, rants tend to get about as many views as game reviews, other than the more popular game reviews which could get about twice as many, or more, and rants will get about twice as many views as a movie review. Then looking at the numbers before, and after the second Nintendo rant, I get the feeling his numbers are down, it could be just that the content he's done since hasn't been as interesting to people, but he may also have taken a popularity hit from that whole fiasco. Trust, and respect are paramount for someone in his position, if someone doesn't trust, or respect a personality like him anymore, then there's not much reason to pay attention to said personality any longer.
  10. Yeah, but since then many people really have lost at least some, if not all their interest in Joe, he most certainly didn't make new friends/fans with all that. The whole thing was a tremendous amount of stupid on his part, not just the posting of the second one when he knew the policy was in place, but everything that followed, the long ass rant video, and all the lashing out he did in social media against regular people, and people in the games media that commented on his outburst, like some of those at Rooster Teeth. So long as people remember it, and his rant videos are still up, you can expect people to bring it up every so often. Except at least some of them still do Nintendo content, I know Jim is a big fan of Splatoon, and Hyrule Warriors, has even reviewed both of them from what I remember, Zero Punctuation did one for Splatoon too (I don't follow the others, so no idea how much, or little Nintendo content they do). It's really just the monetization of let's plays on Youtube they're going after, and as much as people may not like it, they evidently have every legal right to it. Should also be pointed out that them doing that wasn't even anything new by that point, they just finally spelled it all out, and offered people a cut if you follow their policy, rather than just taking it all. It could very well eventually come to be that all bigger gaming companies will be doing about the same thing, and Youtube will develop some system to streamline the process. Joe also isn't really the best at avoiding legal landmines, as he just seems to charge blindly forward. Just look at this mess, and the paid raffle he ran not long after he started this site, which turned out to be illegal for him to do in his area. When you run a business, you NEED to look out for legal troubles like those, not just charge forward, and hope for the best. The whole "it's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission" thing doesn't really apply when there's money involved, and in business, there can be a tonne of money involved. Given his lack of stake in the whole issue of Nintendo related anything, and the manner he conducted himself in this matter up to now, distancing himself from it, not speaking of it ever again, and removing all trace of that mess (social media postings, those rant videos, etc) would be the smartest thing he could do, an apology would have been the right thing to do too, but it seems a bit late now. He hasn't really made himself to be someone to lead some fight against it, especially since again, Nintendo evidently has every legal right to do as they are.
  11. It was released on the 15th of this month, and there's been a demo available since some point during the Kickstarter. Also as someone as into Kickstarter as you seem to be, you should be well aware how fanatical some people can be about some game they may have never played, but donated money towards. Take all those game Kickstarters from the game director, or what not from some previously really popular games, even when all there may be is the idea that they'll make some game of the same genre, some people are already going on as if it was the best thing ever made.
  12. There's some talk that the negative reviews are getting deleted. Apparently right now a lot of the reviews would be from people that got it through the Kickstarter, so were fans even before it was released, from what I gather it has a healthy 4-chan fan base too. Then supposedly many of those are going full on bonkers reporting any negative reviews the game gets to Steam, flaming them, etc in an effort to censor them as some more neutral parties that have been watching it have seen various negative reviews pop up, then disappear.
  13. As I said earlier when comparing Might Number 9, and Star Citizen, while Star Citizen has just been a PR machine, Might Number 9 hasn't handled things as well. I see that as being a big part of the reason for why the two are looked at so differently by some.
  14. Fist, things like Vindictus, C9, Dragon Nest, and so on are not MMOs, as generally speaking, there's no massive to their multiplayer. Typically in those at most four people can play together at any time, that's just regular run of the mill multiplayer, and usually their multiplayer is handled by way of a peer to peer connection, rather than everyone playing on dedicated servers. They're basically a lot like if you were to have played Diablo II through Battle.net, or some other multiplayer peer to peer action game with the use of something to help you find people to play with, like say a Borderlands game on Steam. TERA is a MMO, as a great many can actively play together, and you do play on their dedicated servers. Typically in older MMOs in particular they would be more tab to select, stand, and skill spam type things, with maybe some movement to get away from certain big boss attacks. Played Anarchy Online for a number of years, and in one player question thing someone asked why it's not more of an action game, to which the response was that the technology wasn't there for them to make something like that. That's something that has changed over time, computers are much better, band width is cheaper, and all sorts of other things have come together to allow for something like TERA which has a complete free aiming action game play style in an actual MMO, although still can't be quite as fast paced as non-MMO games can be. Blade & Soul has something of a soft lock on system, rather than the old tab to lock on system. You can play Guild Wars 2 in a similar manner, so find that a closer commonly known example than TERA which has no lock on system at all. From there as I believe was mentioned different skills can become available depending on the current state of you, or the opponent, such as if you/they are standing, or knocked down. They've started putting out a number of game play related info articles at the official site lately, then there's various other places like a Wiki, and the B&S Dojo you could go to find info on this, or that, or you could just download the Chinese version, and play it. The wind walking thing, and a number of other aspects were all inspired by the style of many Chinese martial arts movies that have been made for ages. I think B&S for games, at least online games had it first, as that came out in Korea about the time Age of Wushu/Wulin started development, then I think this one game in the works by Perfect World will be using it too, probably others I'm forgetting. After so many basic Tolkien type fantasy games of one type, or another, including some with sci-fi influences, a Chinese martial arts game is something of a breath of fresh air really, and kinda neat. The cutesy/young characters that often get put into games seem to just be there to help draw in different demographics, so as to widen the potential appeal of the game. I'm reminded of an old video where Joe was trying out TERA with his at that time girlfriend beside him, he's looking at all the hot chicks, with big bouncy boobs, and such in the character creation section, then once he got to the Elin, she got rather interested in playing. It's certainly not limited to the Elin, or Lyn, many games have stuck in cute, and/or young, or at least younger looking characters in their game, even when most others may be more the hot chick, and beefy guy types. Examples would be the female dwarf in Linage II, the two kid character types of base characters in Rusty Hearts, Asura in Guild Wars 2, gnomes in WoW, and so on.
  15. They don't do that, and if you read their FAQ, and terms of service you'd see that they claim no responsibility for projects that don't work out, and will not in any way help you get your money back, that's all 100% on you. They have also stated before to the effect that they do not view the relatively small amounts of money individuals donate to projects to be a big deal. They view their role as being just to list projects that want funding, and help said "creators" to get funding through their service, while taking a cut of that money for services rendered. Although it is solely the responsibility of the backers/donators to decide if a project is safe, and to get their money back should things not work out. That's one of the big things people don't seem to get about crowdfunding. There are really zero assurances involved, you need to do your own homework on a company/individual with limited resources to do so, resulting in an inadequate investigation, then have to do the work to get your money back if things don't work out. Ultimately, anyone donating through crowdfunding need to approach it as them giving money for some project that may, or may not work out, and that they are completely ok with the idea that said donated money may have been thrown away, receiving no return of any form. If you later feel you wasted your money, then you didn't understand what you were getting into in the first place, which is all on you. If you are not one for going to casinos, or playing the lottery, then you should never touch crowdfunding either, as it's pretty much the same thing.