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  1. The wii. Finally it's useful.
  2. Chief has bad-ass armor that allows him to do some bad-ass stuff but Shepard is actually bad-ass.
  3. Blastoise. Alakazam. Metagross. Typhlosion. Glaceon.
  4. Since 343 started making Halo it hasn't been as fun for me. It feels too stiff and boring. The vehicle's aren't as fun and the physics are too boring. I liked the Old halo physics where when you die you go flying and the vehicles were fun to drive.
  5. I'm going to list my top 5 Gaming Channels not including Angry Joe. 1. Gassy Mexican 2. Bajan Canadian 3. Captain Sparklez 4. I am sp00n 5. Total Biscuit
  6. CoD and Halo. This was written by a long time Halo fan.
  7. Cheat sheet: 1. 2. To bring sad kittens something to drink 3. Obamacare I swear these are correct
  8. I like the customization and the exploration about it. I know that my friends and I are all going to be making characters that will be totally different then exploring the universe together, finding all of the cool stuff that is going to be all over the areas in this game. Fighting off enemies with our wide array of skills. (I'm going to be a sniper. No doubt.)
  9. I've seen this as well. It's annoying. I mean we are all here to meet other people with similar interests. I don't see how that is so wrong. I love it. On top of that he has had websites like this before! It isn't all of the sudden!
  10. I love the Halo books. "The Fall of Reach" if I have to pick one.
  11. I personally feel awesome when I play this song:
  12. I guess if you have a mental condition where you take inspiration from things like game violence then it's an issue, but for most people it doesn't really matter. I myself have never seen an xbox go into a school and shhot some children and until I do I wont blame games for violence. (I personally like to play games to get my anger out without actual consequences)
  13. I'll agree the gunplay has improved from the older halo games by a lot, but I still enjoy the older games. That may be because they got me into the franchise and I played them when they were considered top of the line shooters, but I think they're fun to goof off in. I also really liked their story.
  14. I feel like logic is very important in a game, but that being said if I have fun with a game then it doesn't matter much.
  15. I think that next gen consoles are cool, but there are a couple other things I have to add to that. I think the older consoles shouldn't be left behind like they are when they release new ones. I know xbox claims to keep the 360 active, but they wont really care about it. They'll just leave the console on for the next few years. Another thing I see as an issue is the lack of actual improvment with the new consoles. Sure they'll have better graphics and hardware but that apparently doesn't make much of a difference since the older consoles can share HUGE games with the new consoles. (ex: Destiny) The new consoles just feel (to me at least) like a forced purchase for a console player more than an improvment to consoles.