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Everything posted by Doctor_GLaDOS

  1. Attention soldiers of the AJSA ! Battlefield 4 AJSA community is beign rebooted, and a new platoon has been created. If you are a new or old player feel free to sign in . Commmunity events, activities and streams are soon to follow. Everything will be announced at least 1 week in advance. Staff Recruitment In next few weeks I will be recruiting sergeants interested in running this game, those capable and willing to fill command ranks are going to be chosen and promoted. |--------------------------------------->New Platoon link<---------------------------------------| Sincerely, Battlefield 4 staff.
  2. Hi ! For the past few weeks Discord was a hot topic on many debates, in with I have participated on the anty-discord side. However I've been convinced that our new alternative to Team Speak has it's potential. And thats why I'm happy to annouce that Team Fortress 2 is going to use it as an official communicator for future events. It's more of a test run than a full convert, so things may change if discord fails. AJSA Discord server Have a great day ! Sincerely, Team Fortress 2 staff
  3. Team Fortress 2 in my 100% objective non-bias opinion. I do not understand that sentence but I will say Planet side 2, World of warcraft, Guild wars 2, 7 days to die, No more room in hell.
  4. Wow that is harsh ! You don't like that Joe is doing something outside your narrow and selfish point of view ? I have a solution for you, don't watch it. Satisfaction guaranteed. Also could you predict my future for about 3-4 years forward because I really need to know and it seems like you have those kinds of powers if you know that VR is a gimmick before it actually hit the mass market.
  5. It's highly unlikely that they will release a new PS4 with better cooling, since games would not be able to distinguish between the two and old hardware would fry like a chicken. Also while overclock would add some hidden power to the console, it is no magic. IT will not allow it to run 4k games. I'm going to put my money on the external VR box that will allow PS4 to produce 60-90 fps on 1080p. External GPU support maybe. Devs would be forced to develop games for the weak PS4 hardware, and just make them run "better, faster, stronger" on E-GPU. That would be dump though because I can't imagine console players plugging in their graphics into external PCI-E x16 slots via thunder connector.
  6. Nice one !
  7. You played Unity/Watch_dogs and Division is the one opening your eyes ? Who are you people !
  8. Reinstall ?
  9. It's a PC. Personal console. Aren't you glad to join the master race ? "Hey mark ! What CPU do you have in your Play station ?" "AMD 9590 on my AM3+ chipset. Why ?" "Isn't it overheating like hell ?" "Yea I installed a custom water loop yesterday because it's a 125W CPU" "I prefer my intel i7-5820K Haswell because it's a bit faster and my motherboard that came with it supports more PCI-E extensions slots" "Cool, I don't intend to run my GPU on Cross-fire so one PCI-E x16 slot is all I need for my Play station" "If you say so, how is your RAM doing on your play station 4 ?" "I'm fine, I just upgraded to 16gb on a quad channel DDR3L on 1600mhz" "Nice, I only have 8gb because I have to eat"
  10. Team speak 3, EF channel.
  11. Angry rant would be good I must say.
  12. First of all portal movie is not going to focus on chell. Cave Johnson times or creation of GLaDOS would be the plot.
  13. Yhy right and next you are going to tell me that Ghostbusters are getting a sequel...
  14. You are clearly not thinking into this enought. It's the most basic and essential rule of business, Demand and supply. If people are watching this sort of content, than it's going to be produced as long as you can milk it. And not all reaction videos are bad, and they are for sure not equal. Joe's and boogie's reaction videos allways end with a meaningful commentery and insight. And there are other reaction channels who provide pure entertainment which is equal to any other form of "fun". There is nothing deceptive about reaction videos, if you click them it looks like you want to watch them.
  15. I'm going to say that this "pool" is pointless since it only presents "Who do you like more". Quicksilver can run faster than the speed of sound, Flash can run faster the the speed of light, bending the fabric of spacetime. I will just leave this there for people actually voting quicksilver.
  16. Actually there are new movies coming out, and it's not 6 years since last one.
  17. Welcome to the AJSA ! I will be playing PULSAR: Lost Colony (Star trek bridge commander we never had) and 7 days to die in few weeks so if you want to join come over on Team speak.
  18. I love cats as much as I love birds... Little killing machines.
  19. Who do you call stupid crazycrab. If you want your game locked at 60 than turn the Vsync on. What you think people having 120hz+ monitors feel like right now ?