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  1. Howdy do friends? Been with the AJSA for a while on xbox and its alot of fun. Got to visit the cool people on playstation as well. I have yet to meet any of you on PC! So I'm throwing out my application and resume if you catch my drift. Starting with World of Warcraft. Just started on this game(Have Leigon) and it has me in its grip for the time being. Anybody still play on that here?
  2. I had a chunk of store credit to by this. I am aware of the consequences of pre-ordering but didnt expect the game to not even be given to me. I'm pissed but not suprised either. The fact is, a lot of gamers are not aware of such trickery. Not sure if I've ever seen this type of screw over before. If it's a new thing then maybe we should bring it up to up our defenses. A pre-ordered game that was junk was not so scary so I didn't care much, but not being able to have the game in my hand on the day of release + wait a year to have it.....I don't know if that should be tolerated. A good group of people that love hitman and want to support IO-Interactive by pre-ordering there game + hard copy because of their preferance in game types.....have to wait a year to have the game while the others play and have fun? Should this be ignored?
  3. PSN: COG_Static_C This Ps4 needs to get used. Games I play are very small in number since I have other platforms and this is my most recent purchase. So whatever you guys play is probably what I am going to buy. Can't wait! -Static
  4. This Game still up for members?