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About coralie

  • Birthday 07/24/1970

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    The Boonies of Wisconsin
  • Interests
    MMO's and Photoshop :)
    I have been playing online since "Everquest the ruins of Kunark". I played Ultima Online first, but only for a couple of days. I am usually home taking care of House and family/pets, so I tend to be on a lot.
  1. I made an illuminati On Daemon. sex drugs rocknroll? I made a blood/pistol, but after reading the forums, I made a fists/pistols today that i am going to try out
  2. I like it so far. I dont know much about it yet. im on the first part of illuminati, and using a shotgun. I will PROBABLY make another character after i get the hang of it
  3. STEAM has secret world on sale until Jan 2nd. I got the massive edition for 44.00 but the regular one is 22. Is there an ANJA guild on any of the servers?
  4. if you dont have photoshop, open it with "paint" and there is a resize option there
  5. AMD cards are better for photoshop. OpenCL.
  6. I played rift for a long time. it is very good. they have events where you can earn tokens to buy costumes and mounts. If you can find a CD on amazon or at gamestop (when i got mine it was 5.00) you get a free mount extra character slots, and auction access. I loved Rift. a lot of my friends left though so I stopped playing. I go back sometimes to see whats new. I am playing Tera now, and I like it a lot. It is not pay to win. they make money by selling mounts and costumes (you get a free tiger when you sign up) I am on Tempest Reach (stay away from the RP server -perverted)
  7. Mhm. Tera. I played on Kyrios with AJSA. Thats how i joined
  8. No, lol. But there is a HUGE difference in the quality of the games. The AJSA guild is on the RP server I think, and i wont go back there. The "RP" is disgusting. people play as little girls and "ERP" all day. I ended up on the tempest server.
  9. the BAKA guild tried to do this to me. one more reason that i left the game. The day i left, i asked the GM if they were going to do something about this, and the idiots who like to block bridges. They said they were "working on a fix". People have been doing this for a long time, and people are losing items because of it. There are SO MANY exploits, hacks,gold spammers and bots. Rift is a trion game. they didnt have any of these issues. When i moved to Tera, I have not seen ONE gold seller. I have not heard of any bots, or hackers. ( i really like tera) Archeage is just a bad game. A lot of the players are jerks, or pigs.
  10. Oh well. I just started Tera. Its good, and should keep me busy for a bit
  11. I love good character creation. I had SO many downloads for the sims. lol. When this comes, I will definitely try it Beta is supposed to start on the 17th. does anyone know how to sign up? I looked a little, but i am a ditz and probably missed something
  12. Oh! I would take HOURS to make a character-lol oh. and the trailer:
  13. You could always come play Tera Everything works and its not pay to win.
  14. They are doing a double experience thing here for the next 12 days. and it is NOT pay to win. they make their money on costumes for the 10 year old girls, and mounts. to each their own i guess. lol
  15. I loved Rift, which is why I thought Archeage would be ok. & Im not going to be a stranger. there will be a new game someday, and ill find AJSA on it PM me when that happens if i miss it. I am on the Tempest server, as either Aala.Vegh or Keaira.Vegh if anyone is playing Tera. I tried the RP server, but it was more like an "E" RP server. lol. Sick pigs.