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  1. Thank you so much for the questions. Here are my answeres thanx man Q: Pixel Art or 2d animation ? A: Well, my initial Idea of artwork would have similarity to an oil painting. As the color scheme used would be of: black, red, purple, blue and green. Artistic brushed I love to use in this project would be pastel and thick brushes for the background. However, I do love the art of Pixels as well. As the artistic eye candy OwlBoy is of course a beautiful piece of work. But for this specific project I would love to have the red color of blood to be an initial game color. And blood is best shown in oil and pastel in my opinion. However, Using a game Engine like Unreal or Unity. I believe there is too much work to be done, so I got some ideas of using YoyoGames Engine. And for the character arts using sprites and texture. Q: Ascetics, scene? A: The Text explanation is to show what kind of aesthetics is should be. I only explain the mood of the game. I love the idea of having 2 or 3 level designers read that text and have a 100% own interpret of that vision and use their own creativity to create that feeling. For example, if you read the part of the Gate-Keeper, what does he look like? A big guy/beast/monster/devil with a big machete, which attacks you and falls on his back. Gets dizzy and pukes green poison liquid. With this explanation, how is your vision of him? How does the Gate-keeper look like? I would love that this game is not 100% only mine with my visions. But the contrary I’ll write the scenery and quest. You as a designer / artist make your personal interpretation of it. Q: punishing gameplay ? A: Yes. In fact, I have come up with a good game design. That will change the way you play. The protagonist, cannot level up at all or Heal (I know I know. Just continue reading.) The way I’ve tackled the situation to get it rewarding and punishing at the same time. I thought about the way I play games and to keep it challenging even after becoming professional. The name of my system is Gift-Creation. It’s a “moba” thinking way of having attributes that is found throughout the world. For ex: One Attribute grants the protagonist Lifesteal, one grants crit chance. One boost health another Damage. And so on. But the game changer is the fact that you can change your gifts anywhere around a “safe zone” and you can have a total of 3 gift cards equipped. So instead of allocating points in different stats, you put on attributes. Which boost your character. Every card has 3 different stages. Ex: The strength card: Tier One (basic strength) boost your strength by 50, Tier Two (Beast Strength) Boost your strength by 50+50, tier three (Devil’s strength) Boost your strength by 150. So, if you have a standard weapon with total damage of 75, then with the tier one, you would have 125 base damage, and tier two 175, and tier three 225. Say you would build your character with the tier three strength, and a tier three lifesteal (lifesteal 50%) and tier three crit chance (50% crit chance) you can just imagine the character growth later game. However, here is a game changer: Sometimes when you get good at some games (dark souls, Bloodborne and so on) you never need any “health” or lifesteal, only damage as you have learned how to dodge all enemies and so on. So, in a normal game, where you allocate points in character development, you lose a lot of points that have been spend in HP and so on. So with this “Gift-Creation” you can remove the attribute you don’t need any more and challenge yourself in new ways to play. For ex play with only 1x crit attribute, and 2x HP attributes, and tank your way. Or no life steal or HP and use on 1x crit and 2x strength attributes. Because it is so easy to change your attributes. You are always going to be forced in to planning a strategy for example if you come to a place where there is a huge distance of jumping, you need to allocate the attributes into one jumping and one speed. But the cost of losing strength and health maybe. And so on. So you will always be in danger and the most easy enemy can kill you right
  2. Hi guys, I would like to create a Indie studio. I have a couple of game idés which i would like to share with you guys. I need some designers artists and programmers. I good knowledge of Unreal Engine my self but i would love if there is any one else who would like to board my ship on creating this game. I have written a little bit of the manuscript. Game Type: 2d, side view.Scenery: Gothic, Horror. Color scheme: Dark colors, and neon brushes. Oil colors and Pastel. The gloomy and strong oil colors is to prefer.Inspiration: Bram Stokers Dracula “book”, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Bloodborne. Characteristics: Fast passed action, acrobatic movement, punishing, rewarding. Swift movement. insane amount of blood. Game Rules: automatic upgrade, Cards for boosting attributes. Healing by defeating "lifesteal". No Magic. Melee Weapons (swords, knifes, axes, hammers, spears) , Automatic save. Resting places. PROJECT ORDOGIntro:Buda-Pesth seems a wonderful place, from the glimpse which I got of it from the train and the little I could walk through the streets. I left in pretty good time, and came after nightfall to Klausenburgh in Rumania. I find Bistrits to be in the north east of the country, just on the borders of three states, Transylvania, Moldavia and Bukovina, in the midst of the Carpathian Mountains. From here on I will be traveling to the Borgo pass and from it to Bukovina. As I was waiting for my coach to arrive a caléche, with four horses, drove up behind me, overtook the road I was standing on. I could see from the flash of our lamps, as the rays fell on them, that the horses were coal-black and splendid animals. They were driven by a tall man, with a long brown beard and a great black hat, which seemed to hide his face from me. I could only see the gleam of a pair of very bright eyes, which seemed red in the lamplight, as he turned to me and said:—“You are early, my friend.” “ I know too much, and my horses are swift.” As he spoke he smiled, and the lamplight fell on a hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory. “Denn die Todten reiten schnell”—(“For the dead travel fast.”)The driver of the caléche look at me, as if he had seen my soul – “ I know why you are here, I was told by my master do take you as far as the Carpathian Mountains, where you will travel on your own from the Borgo Pass. Slayer of Beast”And he laughed at me in a pity.ACT # 1 The Road of CarpathiansScenery:Dogs howling somewhere far down the road—a long, agonized wailing, as if from fear. The sound was taken up by another dog, and then another and another, till, borne on the wind which now sighed softly through the Pass, a wild howling began, which seemed to come from all over the country, as far as the imagination could grasp it through the gloom of the nightBeyond the green swelling hills of the Mitel Land rose mighty slopes of forest up to the lofty steeps of the Carpathians themselves. Right and left of us they towered, with the afternoon sun falling full upon them and bringing out all the glorious colors of this beautiful range, deep blue and purple in the shadows of the peaks, green and brown where grass and rock mingled, and an endless perspective of jagged rock and pointed crags, till these were themselves lost in the distance, where the snowy peaks rose grandly. Here and there seemed mighty rifts in the mountains, through which, as the sun began to sink the shadows of the evening began to creep round us. This was emphasized by the fact that the snowy mountain-top still held the sunset, and seemed to glow out with a delicate cool pink.ACT # 1 The Road of CarpathiansLevel Design: Small forest road on top of hills, a forest who has over grown in fierce. Many mountain tops to be seen, and a bright moon with sounds of wolves. Encounter: Wolves, BOSS – Gate Keeper, NCP- The Forrest Witch of the Old. She gives you the note : “Slayer of Beast.—Welcome to the Carpathians. I am anxiously expecting you. You will have the blood you hunger for. Find your way to my courtyard” The Forrest Witch of the Old, Gives you a charm,For the evil eye.“ Here take this, young hunter. Fear the moon,For blood is the life, Listen to them—the children of the night. What music they make they will guide you, follow the blue light”“Now the protagonist heals by killing enemies - lifesteal”Information regarding the witch- NONEStage: You cross the lands, and taking you time to learn the controls. Killing of waves of wolves with the moon following your every step. From distans you can see wolves’ shapes and other figure following you. Also a Gate-keeper can be seen in the dastans. You find your way to a gate guarded by a Gate-Keeper.“Enter freely to our domain and of your own will! leave something of the happiness you bring!” but will stay like a statue, as though his gesture of welcome would fix him into stone. The instant, however, that a movement is made, The Gate-Keeper impulsively forward, attacking with his great machete full of dead rotten corpses of men and woman. Wolves starts howling more intense and a red glow starts to come out from the beast’s eyes as if they were burning inside. The Gate-Keeper falls on his back after a sweep attack. He sometimes pukes Green fluid of mist and vomit. ACT# 1,5 Mist of CarpathiansScenery: Fully grown forest, the mist from the Carpathians has been laid on top of the vastly grown forest. Old statues of devils and monsters occupies the roads, underneath the thick mist you can a glow of oddly blue flame. Devil worshipers rise beneath the mist attacking any one that counters them. They are the old folks that use to live under the Carpathians mountains. They are old farmers and peasants, nether alive nor dead they follow they’re masters call. They’re old devour bodies mashup in a pile of dirt and bone. As if there was no blood in them at all. Nothing was clear what has happened to them. Level Design:Small walkways and misty roads, follow up with different delipidated bridges over small shores. Wolves and Carpathians living underneath the bridges. Cages with bones of dead bodies. Hanged peasants along the riverside. Dead animals and wolves feeding on them along the bridge side. Impaled old Ottoman warrior by the order of the Dragon. Encounter: Delipidated peasants, wolves and old impaled Ottoman heroes.
  3. GNP psn mihriban073
  4. Hey this is me, Aeiko Gaming! Youtuber and twitch streamer, -Support requested Videogames and the love for entertainment is my focus. Love to get some views and plz follow on twitter and twitch and off course youtube Twitter @aeikogaming Youtube mihriban073 Twitch mihriban073 Well let me tell u some about myself J My compassion to Game Design started of about 1995 when my father came home with a 486 computer loaded with shareware games like Doom, by John Carmack and Romero. My passion just grew and I started to create levels to games like Doom using the Doom Builder and Valves Hammer Editor and later on Unreal Development Kit. Latest I entered a Level design contest at Trendy Entertainment studios Dungeon Defenders game. I came on 4th place with the map Forsaken Undercroft. My Map is downloadable on steam. thanx fot taking the time
  5. whats up with pokemon feber? ? ?
  6. why is there a millitary nonsense in turkey??
  7. any one up fore some co-op `? im currently on a good flow with feng mao. Im on ps4 my nick is mihriban073 i really like this game its been growing on me
  8. Is there a possibility to play P.T (silent Hills) on A PC ? anyone has an Ide?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL-_otbFR20 heres my bloodborne vid of the first 18 mins.
  10. My byfar the most favorite utuber.. well heres a list instead 1.Angryjoe 2.Mihriban073 mihriban073 shares some stupid dark souls shit that makes no sense at all. and only 11 subs. man he really needs ur support guys.. 3.cinemasins 4.ownage pranks thas about it.... rays =3 was really fun with him... but dunno right now...
  11. Ive just started a pt off Shovel Knight plz plz plz support my channel and spread some love
  12. so is the chalice dungeon and underground ruins the same but different ?
  13. http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/985/985940/bloodborne_011_cs1w1_640x406.jpg http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/985/985928/ here is some new pics and info on japanese.. but hey look at that sword !!
  14. Im thinkin of starting a stream live @twitch, any suggestions ?