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  1. Iam still without internet connection at home.
  2. Still waiting for an internet connection atthe new home, 27 of april is the closest date the provider could give me, the waiting is killing me.
  3. Last hours of internet, before the service guys come for the modem. Friday is moving day, and then to wait for the new company to make the connection. See you guys in a few day (I hope).
  4. Lets do a Tiger squad, yeah! Ups
  5. shot 2015.03.15 22.15.44

    From the album War Thunder

    I can see my house!
  6. Hello I am now in the process of moving to a new apartment; out of the city; a bigger one since my wife is expecting our 1st child for July. And these weeks have been a pain in the ass to live trough. Going from bank to bank trying to get money for a house (that didn't work out), trying to find a bigger apartment to rent in the city at a decent price (that didn't work to). We finally nailed a nice place today, out of the city, I am writing this just coming from the realtor office. So starting Monday I have to cut all services, starting with internet service, leaving me out of the game. I am hoping to be back by the end of April. Wish me luck, have fun and kick ass. PD: I was hoping to arrive earlier today and don't miss the traning, but the paperwork took forever.
  7. 1st thing: Awesome. For the Pacific campaign you could also add the Brits, since they were also fighting the Japanese. It would be cool to have also a Soviet Union vs Japan campaign, with the early planes.
  8. Hi As a non paying player of War Thunder, I can say the grind gets rough after Tier 2 (mostly on tanks) as the repair time vs repair cost of the vehicles goes higher. I don't have problems with the balance so far, like Drogoran said, its most about vehicles not being on the right tier. I love that you have various play modes to chose from, the simulator tanks battles are simply a joy to play after World of Tanks (more like World of paper/imaginary tanks). Most of the times i have "died" its because I made a mistake or my teammates were a bunch of lobotomized lemmings. I am waiting for the "Zerstorer" version of the Ju-88 the C and G and the Fw 200 Condor. For the soviets I want the Petlyakov Pe-8 4 engine heavy bomber.
  9. Love the idea of the perks. How about a "salvage crew" perk (for both sides): you might salvage/recover 1 tank lost in the last fight as long as you win the map.
  10. Gobuonfire

    From the album War Thunder

    Gobu is on fire
  11. Genios

    From the album War Thunder

    The AJSA squad teamworking to death
  12. Sweet, they look amazing. Love the P-38 one.
  13. IGN = Jumarka At least playing a couple of missions per day.
  14. Hello, new around the forum.I got this 2 ones to share. The moment before the last 2 enemy planes collide trying to get the kill and gave us the win. And that sweet moment when you have a T-34 with his pants down. Teamwork at his best. Gobu is on fire
  15. Por La espalda

    From the album War Thunder

    That moment when you get a T-34 on the back, and you know its a kill.