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  • Birthday 09/15/1996

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    QC, Canada
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    Games, food and games. Also games, as I think about it.
  1. I am not creative when it comes to captions so I just made 2 photoshop images, one for AJoe and one for OJoe, which I thought were pretty funny. Here ye go OtherJoe AngryJoe
  2. Hi! I've been wanting to be part of this community ever since Joe made that Guild Wars 2 review video, which is now my favourite MMO, but I couldn't find the time to do so. That or I was pretty lazy. Either way, I joined today and I want to introduce myself. I'm Sedrio but my real name is Alexandre. I'm a Québecois who lives in a small town near farms. I've had that username ever since I first found out about Steam, which I was around 10 by that point. I played on my brother's account before making my own. Where did that name come from? Italians used to interest me up to no end, so I tried to create my username. Emphasis on the "tried". Sedrio is my official name but I like to put an X or L at the end cause why not? Favourite colour is Yellow, by the by. Games that I am currently playing: SMITE, Lv30. 2 years Beta Veteran (Favourite game right now)Guild Wars 2. Lv80 (Main, Norn Tank Warrior) and Lv30 (Second, Sylvari DPS Hunter)XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I lost my first MvP ;-;Saints Row 2. Never got to playing it to the end, so yeah.Flash Flash Revolution. Currently rank 51,995 out of 1,898,692 members. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Alexyoa/ Feel free to add me but I won't be Online very often as I will be either offline playing other games or on my brother's account, but you know; Nothing is stopping you from adding me.