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  1. It's all good. Get better soon!
  2. You have failed us for the last time! I mean go get a hard drive a basic terabyte is 50 bucks... Free shipping if you have amazon prime. Either way thanks for letting us know, and remember to save your old hard drives just in case such a thing happens again.
  3. You are more then welcome to join us! Sad to hear you don't like to WvW, but to each their own. We have a very small pvp player base anyways. Officially you need to always rep. I'm sure you could sneak in some time to play with your RL friends though. I mean RL should always come first.
  4. Welcome to the Angry Army Zeo! Dyn Cyscodol if you would post your id the blah.#### I'll be able to get you in faster. I tried to send you a message and you weren't online.
  5. Welcome aboard AirmanEpic! And welcome to the AJSA.
  6. Invite sent Dhugg.1854! Welcome to the Angry Army!
  7. Invite sent Aspu! Welcome to the Angry Army!
  8. So if you are receiving the guild chat bug at the current moment. If you hit Y for contacts, go invisible, and then go online again. It should fix the problem.
  9. So... I got my old computer up, and running and fully installed at around 10:45pm EDT. I am guild bugged. I can not speak in guild chat. If anyone reads this I'll run it later this week. Though I do have a computer up and running.
  10. I've been working on my computer for 10 hours straight and even bought a new motherboard after mine fried which doesn't boot. Working on it till I pass out.
  11. Different servers only mean you can't WvW with us. You are welcome to any pve event that comes along, and we won't force you to change servers. If you would like to PvP with us then you need to be on our server. It's that simple and cut and dry. If you wish to move to our server NSP (Northern Shiverpeaks) then you have two choices. You can either spend 25 dollars to transfer your characters over, or if you decide your characters aren't worth 25 bucks then you can just delete them and remake them over here.
  12. So with the flood of new players I was thinking people might like it to do each newbie area to 100%. I'll do it no matter how many people show up to it. So here is what I was thinking. Each start time is going to be at 7pm EDT, 4pm PDT, and 11pm GMT (that's all the same time). Monday 3/16/15 - Metrica Province Tuesday 3/17/15 - Caledon Forest Wednesday 3/18/15 - Queensdale Thursday 2/19/15 - Wayfarer Foothills Friday 3/20/15 - Plains of Ashford Good quick easy levels, and fun for all!
  13. Invite sent McSpanky! Also welcome aboard to the Angry Army!
  14. Welcome Beastly.1923 to the Angry Amry! Glad to have you around!
  15. To join post your account id on the recruitment forums. NA if you use the NA servers and EU if you use the EU servers. Multiple people check the forums each day, and get you in ASAP.