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  1. I haven't been active in quite some time. I've been lurking in the margins of the AJSA, mainly due to high anxeity and poor self-esteem. Also I am far too poor to participate in any game nights....cuz I...can't afford any of the games y'all play... any suggestions to anyone who's deathly afraid for getting booted for any insane reason, mainly foot-in-mouth disorder?
  2. yo! Count me in! IGN:SaevialAgnes
  3. Yo! Been looking for more people to play Overwatch with! SaeAgnes#1738
  4. Added you in the EU region, then.
  5. OH Shit! I need to come on here more damn
  6. Added you. Let's play, man. C:<
  7. Added both'a y'all. Let's play some Overwatch!
  8. Howdy Ho. Saevial here, GM of 6 years and avid Numenera fanatic. I want to run a Numenera game with some of the Angry Army and see if we can show people the amazing, weird awesomeness that is this game. If you are interested, drop a line. I'd LOVE to run a game like this.
  9. Hey, Been playing Elite Dangerous for a bit. I was wondering if there was a group open or if you were also looking for a group to play with. Please contact me and let me know you're interested.
  10. Hay! Signed on and leaving a bump to tell people about BB2.
  11. Playing the Beta right now. A most excellent edition of BB until Fantasy Flight gets the rights and makes an actual tabletop ver. of it again. or GW decides to remove their collective heads from their anuses to get it done right. And I don't mind the 8 race limit in the game. As long as they begin releasing individual races as DLC/Packs, that would be the best DLC strategy for them.
  12. Howdy all! I'm Patrick Livingston, here to shamelessly sell my blog geared toward teaching new people to get into the hobby of RPGs and introducing new ones to the hardened vets who stick to one game because "It's too hard to learn a new system!" I say bullshit to the following and I intend on telling my stories of triumph and not so triumph. On telling you the exciting new systems and genres you might be missing out on to stick to the tried and true. To bring you something great and amazing and spectacular and asdfdsgfhasonknaijgns- If you want to learn about RPGs from perhaps a new sort of perspective, go here: The Black Mage Blog! Please note due to work schedules and school schedules I will be posting less frequently. I will be making a more regular schedule in the summer.
  13. Hay, missed the last one. Any chance for a 1x1 or repeat lesson?