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  1. Right on. I do that while I'm managing my PI stuff. Have not kept up on it in awhile. I do PvP mainly.
  2. It's not all to fun with out people but no worries there are plenty of corps looking for begginers. The interface is very difficult, although when you get a hang of it, it's pretty nice. Although you will still always new ways to use the interface. The leveling is time based (still levels you up offline) in my opinion how EVEN does the leveling it's pretty nice.
  3. Sweet man! Mining ah, sounds like you have been on EVE awhile. haha My buddy mines a lot takes him hours! There an angry army corp on EVE?
  4. What game genre do you like? I listed examples but they all fit in more than one category to be honest ha!
  5. Just wondering how many people on here play EVE Online?
  6. Strategy would be interesting with a group of other people!
  7. Far Cry 3. Never finished it. I'm on the last mission too. I don't even have it on my PC anymore. Now i'm too scared to redownload it. Feel like the save won't be on steam cloud data.
  8. Hello everyone. Just enlisted in AJSA! Wanted to give a shot out.