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    playing video games(obviously), playing basketball, lacrosse, and keeping up on all of the gaming news
  1. Well Demon soldier do u want to start rounding up some more people for last-gens, although I am trying to switch to current gen
  2. That's why I started this topic to get more people who play 360, so all of us last-geners get more recognition in the AJSA
  3. All though I am getting a steam account right now
  4. If u have a xbox 360, add me as a friend.
  5. But that is current gen and I don't have either console. I also want more last gen
  6. I have another forum topic like this but it is not very well known, so I decided to make this under the suggestions forum. I think that Angry Joe himself has more involvement with consoles, current gen and last gen. All though not just Angry Joe should be more involved, the whole AJSA community should too. That means more console clan matches, more console AJSA meet ups, and more console tournaments. Others might say " What about the PC gamers! They will feel left out!" Well, I have been feeling left out for a while, so suck it up! I hope I get a lot of responses to this and I also hope that Angry Joe, Sgt Ross, or Tonsoffun see this and can maybe make a change.
  7. I just realized I am now a member!!
  8. If u really like console gaming and want to see more of it in the AJSA, go to my form under general discussion, then forums, games, and off-topic. u will have to click load more twice.
  9. Well I don't have an Xbox One, but I want one though, and I still play on my Xbox 360, it's just that should do more than just reviews for Xbox products. And in his ps4 unboxing and killzone review he even says that he was and still is an Xbox fanboy, also a huge chunk of the AJSA is Xbox fans, and, (I think I am speaking 4 all of us) we kind of feel left out.
  10. I guess so. I read something on the forums that I think Microsoft isn't offering the servers or they are too expensive. I know Joe is a big PC gamer, but I just want to feel included in the tournaments and stuff because Joe still plays on the consoles though.
  11. Ya I've seen that, I created the most badass squad
  12. I have seen this a lot and I was wondering, how do u put other peoples posts into yours?
  13. I would have to go with my favorite Assassin's creed
  14. I am a HUGE Xbox player and fan and I want to feel included in the servers and tourneys. So, I wanted to start a poll and topic to get enough people to convince Joe to make Xbox servers. Let's band together AJSA and start a movement