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  1. I saw that all [AJSA] is on emerald servers Maybe I'm misinformed? Finaly took back my level 50 heavy assault that I had lost during account migration long time ago for stupid reasons. I want to be a part of =AJSA= on Planetside 2, and migrating my account again scares me a little. And because those I know are not playing as much as before, now i'm in a squad empty all the time. sadness Is there a way to create an [AJSA] squad on Miller If there have not?
  2. even after a whole year. I always have most interest for this game. I will make a donation and pray for the alpha!
  3. Im a regular man gamer brony from Switzerland, born in 1990, speak french and serbian, also understand english. I started watching the Angry Joe's videos several months ago. The new game in developement "The Mandate" brought up my interest to become a part of [AJSA] Now I'm here I don't know where to start. So, feel free to ask me some questions!