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    [AJSA] Brother Darius
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    Iran / tehran
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    WARHAMMER 40000 (tabletop)
    WARHAMMER 40000 (games)
    and stuff :/

    PS: i have currently a 5-700 points Blood angels Army and a 300 points Imperial guard army

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  1. *ahem loyalty till death strength in unity
  2. thats why everybody loves the train babeh WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. well here we go......... so we get a first person shooter of WH40K space hulk with sweet looking graphics and probably amazing gameplay. the question is .......if it has any multiplayer, will the game get any support for events and such ? heres some trailers of DEATHWING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIopmJhVQzs
  4. i think that still relic is thinking about a DoW 3. they said not so long ago that they hire new staff for the DoW section
  5. i could imagine a 4v4 Imperium (imperial guard : space marines : Sororitas ) VS CHAOS and xenos just imagine what awsomeness awaits us! AND of course with ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE MOD http://www.moddb.com/mods/ultimate-apocalypse-mod
  6. i would recommend Sins od the Prophets mod . its a Halo mod and its a very well done mod. 10/10 would recommend
  7. you have my full support for this ! i would rely like to see official events going for the Dow series
  8. Dark crusade all the way ......soulstrom was heretical und unlogic
  9. yes i do ! i play all DoW´s inclouding DoW 2 and retrebution add me if you want to play :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  10. the final stand of our outfit ................. givem hell boys
  11. hey guys kian here ................i...it..its realy blowing my mind to see that this will be our last OP on PS2. i wanted to thank all of you who gave me the most awsomest experiance i have ever had in my life and for the awards that i have been recommended on. i would like to thank Crazykidsbite for recruting me to scrub squad and giving me a hell of lot of laughs over the event and of course for the MVP recommendation. you guys are like a second familiy to me and i hate to see this game die but i guess we have to move on.................. IF THIS IS OUR LAST FIGHT´............OUR LAST STAND AGAINST THE SO CALLED NC FREEDOMFIGHTERS ..................... OUR LAST STAND AGAINST THE VS HERETICS AND CULTISTS.......................THAN LET THEM COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE SHALL FIGHT UNTILL OUR VERY LAST BULLET LEFT OUR BARREL! WE SHALL FIGHT WITH OUR BARE HANDS IF NECESSARY! WE SHALL FIGHT WITH OUR FULL FORCE AND SO SHALL WE STRIKE! WE SHALL FALL IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE AND SO SHALL WE BE REMEMBERED! COME ON BROTHERS AND SISTERS !!! FORWARD TO GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE TERRAN REPUBLIC!!!!! FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!!!! FOR THE AJSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i see you all on the field ................. farewell brothers >
  12. that is truely sad to hear that this will be the last time to fight with my brothers on the field. i just wished i joined earlyer to experiance every OP on planetside 2. It was the greatest honor for me to fight with you guys on the field and for the honor of our outfit and the TR. I SEE YA´LL ON THE LAST BATTLE !!!! LET THIS BE A FIGHT THAT OUR ENEMIES NEVER FORGET! FOR THE TERRAN REPUBLIC ! FOR THE EMPEROR ! FOR THE GLORY OF THE AJSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope to fight with you again brothers and sisters :,,)
  13. Khosh omadid ! ( persian for : welcome ! ) hope you will have a great time here here have a welcome cookie :DDDDD
  14. A FUCKIN CHESS GAME!!??!!?!?!!?!?!!??!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!??!!? WHAT?????????!