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  1. awwwwww yissss that's gonna be awesome! can't wait to get a massive dose of Bast!
  2. I just read an extensive online article (see link below) dated from 2 days ago (Oct. 2nd) from The Escapist Magazine about the game's development being allegedly in trouble, says a couple of former and current employees. now before going any further lemme set something straight, and I will beg all of you who read this to keep it in mind until you're done reading: I'm not trying to feed the nervosity this game started to create among some of its backers following its latest absence of any addition of feature or content. I'm not trying to fuel the fire that I'm starting to see spreading out with every week that passes by without any concrete sign of solid advance in the game's development. I am merely flagging a situation (which could even be completely false) that could, if true, potentially result into one of the biggest flop of the gaming industry's history and badly hurt the very core principle of kickstarters in the future. the article cited 9 former and current Cloud Imperium Games employees, all of which demanded to remain anonymous (that made me immediately suspicious of this article's credibility, but I kept reading) and described rather fallacious practices within the company such as inappropriate behavior from management towards employees, fund mismanagement like Chris Robert buying cars and houses with the game's development's funds and even switching the allocation of the campaigns' funds from the game's actual development to focus on marketing, exposure and public events to keep the money flowing in. they also described a very toxic environment to work in, to the point where employees had no choice but to simply quit because it was too hard, too harsh to handle. the article went on like this for 3 entire pages. I kept reading up to the last line, hoping to see a rickroll/trolololo link or at least that measures were taken to correct all that was described. unfortunately the only thing I saw was Chris Robert's reported answers to those employees' claims, which felt kinda like the usual corporate bull**** the entire world feeds us up with. I don't know if any of it is real, I don't want to believe it. I myself backed the game for nearly a hundred dollars and I give it all the support I can. I want to see this game succeed at the height of the hype Chris Robert created, and even beyond if possible. I do not forget that Chris Robert promised us a triple-A quality game, the kind that takes 100-200 millions to build and since they're "only" at 89 so far, they most likely still need more to achieve just that. but seeing an article like this after 3 years of development without any substancial release makes me doubt. I can't help it and feel bad for not being able to help it. but it also makes me wonder if we should mobilize the community to hold Cloud Imperium Games accountable, and give us some sort of assurance that we will get something that's worth 89 millions. in the end, maybe I'm just paranoid. I hope I am. but if any of this is true, remaining placid and letting them run with it is probably the worst thing we, the community, could do. please let me know if it makes sense to you or not. link to the article: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/video-games/features/14715-CIG-Employees-Talk-Star-Citizen-and-the-State-of-the-Company
  3. I submitted my application, handle name is AngryJoesCook. The Army will now have its official cook in space as well! I will fight them ships with my wooden spoon and submit them all to our Lord Commander's will!
  4. hello folks, my name's AngryJoesCook. a few quick things to know about me: 1- I've been religously watching Joe's youtube videos for almost 3 years now, and his streams for the past year and I am thrilled to see how the community he created grew so large. I couldn't resist the urge to enlist and contribute myself. 2- I'm the tank-type of player in almost every game I play. I like big armor, big guns and to wreak havoc everywhere I go. 3 -I'm one of those damn frenchies from Canada (chers confrères Québécois, je vous salue!) and my english-speaking skills are so much worse than my english-writing skills lol 4- I'm a genuinely nice and well-intended guy but I have no patience nor tolerance towards my enemies on the battlefield. 5- before anyone mentions it, no I did not choose this name to surf on Joe's popularity. I simply envisioned my avatar as the grumpy and slightly fatter solider than everybody who cooks for everyone with grenades in his pockets and rips the sh*t out of his enemies with his big wooden spoon. and I figured that since every army has its cooks, so should ours. I thought it was funny. I'm looking forward to earn my place under the Angry Army banner in the following games: - Planetside 2 - Left 4 Dead 2 - Starcraft 2 - Star Citizen (I bought one of the pledge package) - Star Citizen - Star Citizen - Star Citizen - Star Citizen - and finally, Star Citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for its release omg! (I will most certainly in the future get more games in which I would gladly bear the banner of the AJSA)