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    Computers, games...as would be expected.
  1. Hello, Watsonc9! Welcome to the Angry Army, I hope your time with us is is awesome, don't be afraid to ask questions or make queries we are happy to help.
  2. I don't play it, but the videos looks really good. I shall do some research into "The Secret World", looks like it could be rather fun...
  3. Looks fascinating... Would you recommend buying?
  4. I don't think its worth it. I've never played at more then 1080p so don't take my recommendations too seriously, but from what I understand the increased stain on your GPU and the non-standardness of 1440p as well as the surprisingly unexceptional visual improvement means that its not really worth the upgrade.
  5. Looks really good(to my not-so-experienced-eyes). It seams to me that your build will destroy games, should easily get fantastic frame rates... Enjoy.
  6. So you reckon its worth buying? I will do some research... Is it comparable to anything else besides starcraft?
  7. Age Of Empires, particularly Number 2. I sill play Age of Empires 2 on occasion. Always loved the campaigns and the history they give for each nation(and in 3 for each unit). I have this vague hope they will make a four and include some of the new and epic developments in the newer RTS games.