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    Everything gaming.
  1. i wwould love a minecraft server o.o
  2. Hey guys, anyone playing the lowrider/halloween update, i think they need to make more cars compatible with bennys. also what do you guys think of them dropping xbox360/ps3 versions of the game when it comes to dlc? (i play pc)
  3. Every single dollar adds up.
  4. theres a man who invented "power armor" but it doesnt have hydraulic support like fallouts.
  5. with steam games (most of them) i can install from disc.
  6. its not from that event i think its pokebank'd
  7. capcom japan needs to get its head out of its ass and start communicating with its fan base!
  8. i received it by wonder trade so i'm giving it away i have no idea if its real or not but it seems rather legitimate. pm me for friend code and just trade me any random thing for it. if you guys are looking for any other pokemon let me know ill probably have it
  9. so capcom took down joes video??? it was not painting their game in a bad light or he company itself too much...just makes me think, if capcom was a dog we would put it down. Can a moderator please move this to the angryjoeshow section i did not notice such a section existed.
  10. they turned it into an mmo..i beta tested it back in the day XD so i have a soft spot for it
  11. banned because morgan freeman
  12. i play a flash game called AQW: adventure quest worlds. if you end up playing heres my cp: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=lord%20cain
  13. ts only supported for a few select games and there can be input lag galore. XD as for the digital games i'm very limited on my internet so downloading games is rather costly for me. might look at castlevania though. loved super castlevania 4
  14. you can get it in one of Franklin's drug missions,or it will spawn as a normal vapid stanier during a certain time on a certain street very rarely
  15. am i the only one who gets really annoyed when characters don't actually climb stairs in games or they have the animation but their feet dont line up with the step?