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  1. RavenKitsune liked a post in a topic by Lightfollower in Reporting for Active Duty   
    Lightfollower reporting for active duty. Joined the community sometime back but got weighed down by real life circumstances (aka college). I am henceforth hoping to become more active in the community since I am on summer break.
    As a side note I typically am in favor of playing strategy games (political simulator, 4x strategy, grand strategy, RTS, city builder, I play all kinds with Crusader Kings II being my favorite) hence why my steam library has plenty of those, though my multiplayer experience in that category is limited, as well as RPGs, and first person shooters (typically in favor of coop such as No More Room in Hell and Killing Floor I and II but also games such as Battlefront II and the like).
    I am looking forward to working with everyone.
  2. Lightfollower liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in Suggestion for 4x event.   
    I would like to suggest a weekly 2-3 hour event where we can either play 4 x titles like Endless Legend as a large scale map with many player slots. Of course this can also be applied to turn based games such as Civilization 5 or Civilization Beyond Earth as well as any like titles.
    The only rules would be a set turn limit before combat but alliances are not limited at all. I think this would be a great event that we can create to be run weekly to get the community involved.
    Now if someone isn't able to show then another person can jump into that slot. We would keep going every week using the same save file until a win. With the game officer in charge of the event holding onto that save file for that particular game.
    We can do this event in addition to any other strategy game event the community may have. Please consider this idea and offer any suggestions of your own.
  3. Lightfollower liked a post in a topic by LukeWee in Suggestion for 4x event.   
  4. Lightfollower liked a post in a topic by kubotai in Cities Skylines (2015)   
    The reviews so far have been very positive and my impression is that they went out of their way to essentially create Sim City the way people wanted it to be. The maximum size of the city is huge and if you have the hardware, you can even mod it to be bigger. I also like the way the city looks. Simple, but nice. And with all the possibilities to mod pretty much everything in the game, there are few limits. 
    Too bad I have no hardware to run this. My Macbook has an older Intel 3000, which can't run the game. I'm hoping now that I will have an excuse to buy a new PC or laptop soon.