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  1. Oh well, I know that would happen...
  2. Hope you like it. Below the link there's the description of the battle. Leave a like!!! http://wotreplays.com/site/2234572#himmelsdorf-blazeelitexgamer-type_95_heavy So,I started the match like any other in Himmersdorf (probably typed the name wrong) going to the center road to find some tanks to kill, which at first was working fine then I found out that there arty was aiming there also,and so I went evasive in order to not get hit by arty, I got lucky to survive that small engagement without taking any damage or dying fast by arty. Then I moved to the fames tank alley, was not expecting to not see that many tanks there,including there KV-1, but at least I didn't get hit either in that small engagement even tho I never had the chance to hit something there. Then I started aiming at a huge crack on the castle area to see if the Sherman III would pick around there but he didn't not, I tried to counter him while he was going down the hill but he went the other direction and managed to get into our spawn and kill 1 of our arty. Then I was getting prepared to engage the same tank sense he only had 51 hp left. I will admite that I also got lucky he was a bad shot but I was too and missed a lot of HEAT shells. In the end he made a mistake and I killed him. Then I went in to our spawn to engage the 133 hp Wolverine, I konw he didn't had the 105mm gun,but I didn't risk rushing him sense there was another enemy tank near him. I waited in a corner for almost 1 minute until our last ally which was the SU-26 arty got killed (ammo racked it seems) by the Wolverine. Then I risk picking around to take a shot at the FMC36Pak40 and managed to kill him. Then it was a 1 on 1 situation for a moment there, but I couldn't risk rushing him in our spawm, so I went around in a 22km top speed tank. It took me a while but it seemed that he was waiting for me in his corner. I took the risk and started the engagement in a 1 on 1, that is what I though until I saw a PzIC shooting me from another corner in the same line. Luckily I managed to kill the Wolverine with 2 hits, as you saw there I was using auto aim,i knew that my shells had enough penetrating to go throw his armour. After finishing the dual with the Wolverine, I killed the PzIC that had done a mistake. Then I started thinking that the KV-1 was really close so I put myself in a spot well I could engage him and do some damage before he could shoot me, I had no idea what gun he has until he got spotted, still had no idea what gun was that but I knew it wasn't the 122mm and so I knew I could take at least 1 hit before dying. I knew that he got stuck there for at least a few seconds so with the 22km speed I managed to run to the 8 line. I wanted to find that Pz 38 (t) sense he would had been a problem if he would had rushed me in the worst moment. So I started going to the hill until I saw that somebody was capping our base, I went in to check who was that, but with caution of course. I found the Pz38 (t) and he was in cap, I "rushed him" and managed to kill him without the KV-1 getting in that engagement. Then I tried to get to the hill to get some altitude advantage, but in mid way of getting there, he decided to cap also. I "rushed" back and decided that it was going to be a all-or-nothing. I did get extremely lucky with him, he was shooting HE,(which btw the Type 95 Heavy has only 35mm of highest armour) but he was failing to pen in the first 2 hits. I managed to get into his front straight on and put 2 HEAT shells in his upper plate which he has 75mm of armour and the HEAT has 100mm of penetration. And so that's how this battle went on. Hope you like this, leave a like
  3. Giveaway, giveaway, giveaway, giveawaayyyyyy!!!!!!
  4. Damn, the detailing on does maps are 2 times better than on the PC version. Of course I can't say nothing sense I play on minimum graphics.
  5. I can't wait to get my hands on that tank.
  6. That is for new players only at the moment even tho anybody can get in whcih is odd. But I know for sure that they will put a PvE mode at some point for all tiers and it may work mostly exactly like in World of Warships, but not like Armored Warfare sense there it's more unique.
  7. That won't be fair, what happens if somebody did 600 damage and then I'll just go on and play a few more matches to beat that damage (example). It's better to keep it a secret until the winners are announced.
  8. Let's found out how many did send replays, I'm curious
  9. We do have a good ammount of players, but not enough to expand the clan to victory. We need more players, active players if possible to play in the clan AJSA.
  10. Well I hope you fine a new home soon that makes you feel great. I'll miss you.o7
  11. Honestly i'm not a person that likes or even knows how to explain important stuff but this links will help you with mostly everything that you need in order to get better at the game. Please see the most important wants: Tank Academy and the mechanics videos. See does ones first. Enjoy. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYgipOCaRI0164AWoyeJU2Sae-U_vafDl https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYgipOCaRI03DmR2wRjy3K6Ugg1nUCNrPHope I hope this will be useful. If you need help, please let me know via private message or even here.
  12. It's a good thing i already have a EU account. If somebody from the AJSA command starts a clan there, i'll definately help.
  13. hello guys, some of you already know that we used to do campaigns sundays and trainning Saturdays. Well i want to make a suggestion if we can do does things again, BUT with planes ONLY. I know that there is tournaments that are combinned battles with planes and tanks, but there are some also with only planes, events with only planes and even small tournaments in the event tab for only planes. We also have to ask for help with this stuff like, for example: -SAG- squadron. They can help us with this and improve our relationship with them too. What i'm trying to say is that we have to play more aircraft and work on learning that together as a squadron. Hope you can understand my suggestion and that we can start play more planes soon. Btw, that includes me also.
  14. Attackers and bombers before 1940 in World War II. United States planes: PBY-5 Catalina (1937) SBD-3 (1930s) A-20G-25 Havoc (1939) Germany planes: SM.79 (1936/39) Ju 88 A-4 (1939) He 111 H-3 (1930s) Ju 87 B-2/R-2 (1938-39) Russian planes: BB-1 (1937) Su-2 (1940) SB 2M (1936) Ar-2 (1940) United Kingdom planes: Blenheim (1935) Beaufort (1940) Swordfish (1936) Wellington (1938) Japanese planes: B5N2 (1939) D3A1 (1940) Ki-21-1a (1939) H6K4 (1938) G4M1 (1939)
  15. By the way, if you guys need help or have a question about the game, let me know. Of course you can go to the World of Tanks wiki http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks or you can ask me, i know most of the mechanics and playing style of each vehicles and game.