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Posts posted by mirandaadria

  1. Yeah honestly I've been playing videogames myself for like 25 years now and I'd say the ratio of movie-based games that are GOOD are far far better nowdays than they were before. They're still noticeably less likely to be good in general IMO, but back in the day their suck factor used to be all but guaranteed.


    I've been playing video games for about the same span of time, and I still think it's a random draw, TBH. Half are good, half are shitty. But I get where you're coming from. I think it could be attributed to the almost lightning speed progression of video game graphics and production. I mean, video games have been out for what? 40 years or so? And we've gone from simplistic movable pixels on a solid color background to photo-realistic characters and settings.

  2. The whole concept of it is the problem. It's meant to cash off of the success of something else. There is little to no room for creativity for these crap. The devs are limited by the license property in terms of characters/story/setting and by the movie release date for the gameplay development. It's just a recipe for disaster. If something good did come out of it it's mostly likely by complete fluke. 


    This is why, as an example, Alien: Isolation was so good (IMHO). It helps to expand on the lore rather than trying to mimic or copy an already established storyline. I've noticed that movie license games that do this, expand the lore, tend to be slightly better. There's always exceptions to the rules, obviously.

  3. I think they have, and always will be, RUSHED! Games like Shadow of Mordor weren't RUSHED to come out at the same time as LOTR or The Hobbit movies, and look at how great that was! Any game that tries to somewhat follow the story of the movie, has to come out around the time of the movie, and start being made once the movie starts. Making a video game in the same time of making a movie is a totally different story. 


    Plus, movies are generally 3 hours at most. A 3 hour game is TOTALLY unacceptable in almost any way shape or form. So the game company has to create the game to follow a story that was recently created, and then add fluff to the game to increase run time.


    A well thought out plot created by the developers in a universe of a movie will ALWAYS turn out better than a game being made to follow a new movie (hell, it doesn't have to be new, just look at Rambo).


    I'm no game developer though, this is just something I've thought about before. Good question though haha :)


    Cost plays into it, too.

    Video games, especially AAA games, cost upwards of $50 or more, depending on how they package and sell the various parts of the game, i.e. DLC.

    A movie theater ticket typically costs around $15.

    And even then, movies that cost $15 to see in a theater aren't worth those $15 at all.

  4. Movie license games have always been a crap shoot. I played the E.T. video game on my Atari 2600 a few years after it came out. (Yea, I'm old). So no, this isn't a "back in the day" situation. It's a "some studios take their franchises more seriously than others" situation. In fact, E.T. was SO BAD that many consider it the reason that gaming, especially the Atari 2600, took such a commercial beating in 1983.

  5. Welcome if you have any questions feel free to ask <3 

    Thanks so much. =)


    welcome Miranda same here i have been gaming for years  since 1997 to the present  

    Hell yea, rock on.


    Greetings and Salutations!

    Thank you!


    A gamer of great experience like myself. Started on Atari2600 back in the late 80's, then snes, N64, nd so on. Welcome to the forums.

    Thank you. Yea, I have my brothers to thank for getting me into gaming. They were teenagers when I was born in 1983, so they were really into Atari 2600, Commodore 64, going to the arcade, etc.

  6. Hey folks.

    Figured it was about time I joined the forum, since I've been a fan of AJ's YouTube Channel for a while now.

    As I mention on my profile, I've been gaming since before I learned to walk, and I've played on pretty much every console system that has come out in the last 30 years.

    At the moment, I'm losing precious hours of my life to Skyrim, after losing months of my life to the Mass Effect trilogy.

    So, how's it going, y'all?

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