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  1. mirandaadria liked a post in a topic by Laserrifle125 in Is everyone considered Hardcore now?   
    I agree with Apex Spartan, this "classification" of gamers is pointless, were not documents that are categorised so they can be easily identified, were just people that love playing games. This is also one of the reasons I hate the "PC master race" (or the PC fanatics as I like to call them), they expand this rift even further by treating anyone who owns a console like dirt, some of those PC fanatics like to take WAY too far, such as an amateur modder that I saw on steam who made a mod called "Filthy console peasants" for Civ V, he/she (Let's just say he out of my ignorance) also wrote in the description and I quote: "Replaces the barbarians with filthy console peasants (Not much change there)", that mods just changes the name of barbarians into "console peasants" without any mechanical/narrative changes at all (please don't download that mod). 
  2. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by mirandaadria in 2014 the year of the buggy games, 2015 the year of the ?   
    What do I want for video games in 2015?
    More female lead characters.
    More PoC lead characters.
    More nonbinary lead characters.
    More LGBTQIAP+ characters.
    More characters that are combinations of the above mentioned.
    Hell, I'll even take them as NPCs, just more variety and less boring as paste white dudes.
  3. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by mirandaadria in 75% Assassin's Creed games!   
    Not much use for me since I already own all the AC games besides Unity and Rogue, and I don't ever plan on buying those (sorry, but that whole 'no females allowed' bullshit left a bad taste in my mouth).
    Still, this is a great deal! Thanks for sharing!
  4. RavenKitsune liked a post in a topic by mirandaadria in Hi, I'm Miranda.   
    Hey folks.
    Figured it was about time I joined the forum, since I've been a fan of AJ's YouTube Channel for a while now.
    As I mention on my profile, I've been gaming since before I learned to walk, and I've played on pretty much every console system that has come out in the last 30 years.
    At the moment, I'm losing precious hours of my life to Skyrim, after losing months of my life to the Mass Effect trilogy.
    So, how's it going, y'all?