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Everything posted by Teckit

  1. Got BF4......Disappointed. Got CoD.....Disappointed. Got the first Mass effect game and it kicks both their asses. Why can't companies put time and effort into their god damn games instead of that one year release date. Going back to GTA V and ME. See you when the slims' come out!
  2. I'm pretty sure we all know of Yoteslaya's death that happened a few weeks ago. For those that don't know him, he was a figurehead and considered in many people's hearts as a great player in both Borderland's 2 and CoD Zombies. He died in a drunk driving accident that took him and two other's lives away. He had two sons and a wife that he left behind. (RIP Yote) As sad at it is, a video was recently posted on his channel. It basically states that his kids and Yote's close friends will be continuing the legacy and tribute through his channel. It was uploaded today in fact. The video almost brought me to tears seeing the fact that Matthew and Dawson (His kid's) are continuing his legacy. Live on Yote! The link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnDp7BvywMY
  3. Battlefront 3. Battlefront 3. BATTLEFRONT 3. BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!! All those hours on the PS2. Playing with a buddy on Conquest. Man. Good times...Good times.
  4. Defiance had to be the most disappointing game of the year for me. I was waiting a year for it when i saw trailers for the show and game. I was so psyched for it, i showed all my friends and we agreed to form a clan. Showing them videos of trailers and gameplay, and a borderlands type gun system just zipped the package. Then...then the game came out. Never had i played such a bland and boring game in my life. Missions were just defend this position and kill everything that comes. enemies were basically the same just with different skins pasted on them (Besides the mini-bosses). PvP was ruined by cloaked players with shotguns. The first day download that took over an hour to download with servers that couldn't sustain a decent connection. It's still on my shelf to remind me to what can happen when all you see of a game is eye-candy and it's trailers.
  5. At first, upon beating it, i actually liked the ending. It was until later that i realized the backlash and the complaints had surfaced amongst the web. The missing links in the ending had missed me somehow, guess it was because i never played ME1. But yes, overall i was not happy. If a time machine was invented, it would be to go back to Bioware's HQ and smack the lead writing team.... and help them change it. Glad they went back and redid the ending afterall. Still doesn't make up for the initial ending. :/