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    Gaming (Casual/Competitive), Graphic Design - preferably Photoshop and producing YouTube content related to video games.
  1. There is something that intrigues me about the trailer though in regards to one of the characters. It was something that I noticed my second time through, but one character during the At-At scene seemed to be wearing a tan sweater-like piece of clothing with a brown sash coming across their shoulder (while it was the sash of a brown bag). It looks oddly familiar to Kyle Katarn from the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight game Series doesn't it? - Mostly out of the hair style and similar clothing but this is most likely wishful thinking. Obviously as an Expanded Universe lover, it really got my attention with the hope that they MAYBE (but most likely won't) Include the original character responsible for getting the Death Star plans. It would be a great nod to the fans though if they put him in, yet how his character is portrayed may make the experience worse.
  2. After a brief overview on the announcement, xbox gamers will have two ways of playing old 360 games that are part of the backward-compatible initiative through digital emulation. If users already purchased the games digitally through Xbox Live, they can simply log in and re-download the game on Xbox One without paying any additional cost. If they own the game as a disc, they'll have to download the game to their Xbox One hard drive, and the system will then check for the disc before launching the game. Honestly I applaud microsoft for this movement as this seems to portray their attention to the community, but what do you guys think about this? I personally think it's a real positive change yet I'd like to know what you think.
  3. I am glad we got P.T at the least, but I'm devastated we were not able to get the whole game. This could have potentially been a gem for the most recent of Silent Hill games and restored a slowly, gravely wounded series since the end of Silent Hill 4 (some people may disagree but it wasn't terrible when compared to the likes of downpour and homecoming).Good bye Silent Hills, it was a shame we never got to see your full potential.
  4. Welcome to the Angry Joe Community! Hope you enjoy your stay among our members ranks.
  5. After both completing Dark Souls and getting halfway through DS2 My favourite moment would have beeen killing the Hydra in Darkroot Basin (DS1). Firstly the sheer size of it was largely intimidating when compared to some other boss battles, and the fact I was able to take him down on my first try was reaching levels of nearly having a heart attack. However, once I got my hands on the Artorias DLC, Manus himself was an amazing battle that was memorable as he was extremely difficult, probably my favourite.
  6. Luckily, I was capable of reaching Level 64 till I decided to take a long needed break from the Elder Scrolls as I spent way too much time on it...Then moved to Fallout instead...
  7. As a fellow Completionist who has just 100% Dark Souls and reached the time of 300 hours total, one question came into my mind. What was the best, most worthwhile or entertaining completion you've played in a game and what was your record time? Some games just are very approachable and this doesn't make them any less entertaining to play, as it makes you learn and spend time to overcome the challenge. One example of my multiple favourites was Far Cry 3 and reaching around 50 hours. So tell me, what was your favourite?
  8. Is it possible for the length of a game to significantly affect the value and content of a game? A game purchase is not insignificant to me cost wise and as such, I want to get as much as I can in terms of content in return. Honestly there is no issue with a five hour game but there is a issue when a five hour game costs $60+ with extremely barebones and unfulfilling content, especially when you have longer, more content rich games coming out alongside them that are similar or lower in price. Alternatively, I think if the experience of a game is high quality and engaging, then its length is perfectly fine. A game should be as long as it takes to fully express the developers goals. I understand not every game needs to be open world like Skyrim or have the expansiveness of Final Fantasy 7 (or confusion of where to go in Dark Souls during your first playthrough) but, If the game can deliver an experience worth full price then the length of it should not be the main concern.
  9. "Anarchy Reigns" is suprisingly close to what your looking for. You might wanna give it a try.
  10. I was trying to get some introductory music for a mafia student film I had to do
  11. Once you have defeated the Taurus Demon you must continue your way after exiting the tower. Before turning left and running across the bridge where the dragon you will see lurks, instead turn right to find him gazing at the sun; he is immediately distinguishable by the painted sun emblem across his chest. Talk to him and you will get the White Sign Soapstone, which will allow you to lay down summon signs that allow you to go into other peoples worlds and help them. Hope this helps. Oh and be careful, we wouldn't want to see you become hollow fellow dark souls player P.S You might want to attack the back of the dragon for a suprise, you might get a powerful weapon...it'll make the next boss much easier
  12. Sure I'd love to play with you. So far the games I have installed are: Far Cry 3, CS:GO, GTA V, Halo: Reach, Sniper Elite V2, Portal 2, Halo ODST/3 and Minecraft. I do own more games via physical disks, but it'll take too long to name them all. My Gamertag is VideoGamer145 (like it says in my signature)
  13. Mostly when I can actually afford to own Next-Gen consoles. As somebody who tends to live with an extremely low-budget I wouldn't even consider buying the Xbone or PS4 till half way through it's life-cycle, however most of my IRL friends have jumped. Unfortunately, Microsoft and Sony won't allow communication among messages or voice chat at least to keep in touch with my comrades and this prompts me to conform to the next-gen market as the move to Canada leaves me isolated. That's why I decided to become apart of the AJSA community, I now have people to game with on PC atleast.
  14. I personally use the Gioteck EX05 Multi-Format headset because the Mic quality is great while the headset is a a good level of surround sound and quite comfortable, especially with noise cancellation. I've had mine for a few years now and is still going strong. The price is cheap, High quality and can be used on multiple platforms like PC, Xbox and PS3 ( I use it for all three). Costs around $23 on amazon
  15. Salutations everyone! I am Wolfington, a brit-born dedicated gamer currenlty living in the land of Maple Syrup. I'm a big fan of Angry Joe and felt more than inclined to join the community of fellow fans and gamers. If questioned Xbox 360 and PS3 are my current schtick so far since my PC is still being cargoed overseas from my previous home in England, yet with the surge of time I now posess and lack of associates due to my relocation I joined to hopefully be involved with the community as much as possible Note: I'm extremely nervous since i'm not exactly used to being generally social or in a group...ever...so I apologize in advance if I seem very awkward. I guess that's all I can muster for an introduction so in conclusion I think it's an honour to be apart of the AJSA Army. *Salute*