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Art ov Chaos

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  1. Seirex liked a post in a topic by Art ov Chaos in How to use an XB1 gaming headset on Win10   
    Ok Im not sure how well know this is but I figured id post it and maybe help a few people out. So I figured out how to use a 4 pin 3.5mm gaming headset on Windows 10.
    Its pretty simple if you have a XBox One controller and one of the XBox One chat adapter and plug in the controller with a usb cord(like from a charge pack). Your pc will download a driver after you plug this in with the adapter I got some kind of error message that I tracked down and it didn't seem to harm the process at all so just dismiss it. Once this is set up you wont be able to control the volume into the headset via the volume control on the PC(or I cant anyways) so you have to use the chat adapter on the controller.
  2. TonsofBacon liked a post in a topic by Art ov Chaos in THE DIVISION OPEN BETA ON PC   
    Accidentally put this in Other instead of RPG.


    There will be an open beta for PC from Feb. 19-21. You can pre download the game now for when its made available.


    Just figured I'd let folks know in the even that someone who was interested but couldn't get a shot at it with a pre-order...like me.


    Hope to see some of yall there add Art_ov_Chaos to your UPLAY account if you want to play either the Division or R6Seige terrorist hunt...i suck in pvp.

  3. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Art ov Chaos in How to use after market console headset on your PC   
    Crazycrab asked me to post this after I found a solution to my own problem and since I like helping folks, here we go.
    Now this will allow you to have both sound from the PC and the ability to use your headset to chat, with applications that allow it.
    For this to work you will need all of 2 things, 3 if you headset cable isn't long enough.
    1. Is of coarse the after market headset, I myself use the Triton Kama.
    2. Is a headphone/mic signal splitter which can be found on Amazon and for some reason I cant paste links or anything now that I've tried to do the name of the item so a typing I shall go.  StarTech MUYHSFMM 3.5mm 4 pin to 2x3 pin 3.5mm headset splitter Adapter - F/M     that was fun. This will have a single input to plug your headset into with 2 outputs that you will plug into the mic jack and headphone jack of your pc.
    3. and in the even that your headset cord is not comfortably long enough here is an extender cord the StarTech.com MUHSMF1M 1m 4 Position TRRS Headset Extension Cable will give you another 3ft of length. I'm pretty sure you can find smaller or even retractable ones if they suit your needs better.
    After you have the right parts its easy to figure out what gets plugged where. If you have any questions let me know.
  4. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Art ov Chaos in XB1 headset connected to controller on pc?   
    I've jerry rigged a solution to the problem so if you're scratching your head somewhere trying to figure it out its all good now.