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  1. IGN - Renn22 Main: Jungle Secondary: Top
  2. If we do make the team, when will we be playing games as a team. I want to know because with school I may not have enough time and I don't want to try out if I won't be able to make the games.
  3. So happy this is back, I loved the first and I'm sure I'll love this one. IGN: Renn22.
  4. Damm, I think this is refreshing to see, as many of the LoL players are not happy with the game (in it's current state). Thank you for reminding me of the amount of time and effort I have put into this game, and the friends it has made me. I think my life would be 10 times worse than it is right now, if league had not been in it. Thank you Riot Games.
  5. Yo, I'd like to sign up as well, but do not look at any of my games past past labout 15-16. The rest of the games have been me on tilt and trying a lot of wack stuff with Rengar (Different builds, masteries, rune pages, etc) that that is why my win rate is pretty bad.
  6. LOL IGN: Renn22, Rank: Silver 5, Exp: Since Late Season 3 Roles/Mains: Jungle with a bit of Top. Right now I am playing a lot of Rengar (I guess I am now a Rengar main) though for about 2 years I was a Vi main. What I know/can teach: Conceptual builds, reasoning, jungle clears, Theory-crafting (Any conceptual stuff I can usually do/teach) What I would like to learn: Untilting myself, getting my mechanics better (I have always been more about strategy than mechanics), diversifying my champion pool, learning about counters for my main champions, better decision making, Other MOBA exp: I have played 3 games of DotA.
  7. Aight, your logic is sound. Hey if you need help, I could type up a forum post advertising the next tourney if you give me the details that I need to put into the post.
  8. True. I still do have one question though. The Tourney we had was originally of 16 players (Though 2 spots weren't filled and 1 person didn't show up). Do you think enough people will join. I mean despite having 35 people follow the forum, we only got 13 in the tourney.
  9. One thing I did feel is that the wait between games was large. Maybe more people streaming could have solved the issue. Lets say we got 2 streams; Titan's stream and the Official Angry Joe stream (That's a thing right?). That way, we could get through the games faster. Also a losers bracket would be nice since that would allow the losers to keep playing until the Finals where the winner of the Winners Bracket went against the winner of the Losers Bracket. That's just my suggestions, tell me what y'all think of them.
  10. Yo Snoops, wanna 1 v 1 from time to time, i'd say it be fun.
  11. Is he saying "your wire" or "your wife"?
  12. When the narrator is talking about doing over the things you messed up, my mind instantly went to the two games I played with IceSoul during the tournament xD.
  13. Hey guys, I would like to participate in this tourny. My IGN is Renn22 and I am in the club (The club is AJSA rite?). I do have a few questions: Will you be streaming the specate of the match? Also how will the winners receive their prizes?
  14. Hello AJSA my name is Renn Shaow and I have been a player of Guild Wars 2 for a short time. I have joined the Angry Army almost as soon as I first went into the game. I have not really been that active with the community, but today I want to propose an event for the guild. I did Triple Trouble for my first time today and I failed, miserably. I was in a PuG and we didn't even manage to take even one of the wurms. This got me thinking, the main problem with PuG's and TT is that it requires a lot of co-ordination and PuG's just don't have that. What I wanted to do was an event a day of the week where the entire Guild tried to take the TT. I was hoping for a day like Saturday and we could do it along side our Guild Missions. I feel that this will be a great event and might even convince some newer players coming into Guild Wars 2 because it is Free-To-Play too join our wonderful Guild. I created a poll too see if people wanted this too happen or not, and I hope that one of the Guild Leaders will see this post and approve. Thanks for reading,
  15. Bruh, I got one problem with this game (GW2). It is waaaaay to easy. The endgame for PvE is kinda non-existent, so you will probably spend most of your time doing WvW or PvP. Also, this game is kinda based on the philosophy that it's the journey that's important, not the goal. You can do most of the end-game stuff when you are at level 30 and the only restrictions are gear which is really easy to get (Just go for Exotic's if you don't want to spend time getting gear. Get Ascended gear if you like getting the best gear). PvP in short is heaven. It is probably the best PvP experience I have had in any MMO (I've played a lot of MMO's). There are two modes for PvP, Conquest and Deathmatch. Conquest is what you probably want. Deathmatch is kinda stupid in my opinion and is only there because Call of Duty fanboys were complaining. In Conquest you capture nodes. Each node will give your team points periodically. Killing enemies will also give you points. There are a couple of maps (the Battle of Kyhlo being the most popular). Some of the maps also have secondary objectives that can influence the game, but the nodes are the most important objectives. For the expansion Heart of Thorns, thy are adding another PvP mode called Stronghold. This takes a bit of influence from MOBA's. Here is a link to find more info on it (PvP). WvW is a three way fight between servers to conquer objectives (towers, supply depots, etc.). While you hold these objectives you gain points periodically. It is actually kind of fun, but if you play on a toaster you can get fps drops. Here is a link for more info (WvW). There will be many changes to it when the expansion releases. for more info look at this (HoT, WvW). PvE in short can be boring. When you first do the dungeons, they might be hard but they will get really easy. When the expansion drops, we will get another region of the world called the Maguma Jungle and maybe hard core content!!! Right now the only time I really play PvP is if I want to do Fractals or for the Living World. The lore and story for this game is actually good. In short GW2 tries to innovate in many areas, but sometimes it just fucks up. WvW and PvP are worth checking out. And if you really feel like doing PvE, don't do the Personal Story, it is a piece of shit. Only do it if you want to familiarize yourself with the characters as some of them actually play an important role for the living world. Hope this helped!