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    Vancouver, WA
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    I have serious addiction to the Mass Effect games, so I'll probably bring them up at some point. My current therapy involves lots of Dragon Age and Saints Row.
  1. Good riddance. This is probably better than years of half-assed titles that drag the franchises down.
  2. Everybody (generally) complains if multiplayer is shoe-horned into a game whose primary focus is single-player (cough-Dragon Age Inquisition-cough, or even Batman Arkham Origins). And single-player feels tacked on to multiplayer-focused games (every Battlefield game since 3). Seriously, who plays Left 4 Dead for its single-player? Or who plays Mass Effect 3 for its multi-player? Star Wars Battlefront is a multi-player-focused game. And now Moore ups and says, "Nobody really plays single-player in our other multi-player games, so we won't waste time on it here." Thekiller1316 points out that this isn't Battlefield we're talking about, it's Star Wars. NOT TO EA IT ISN'T. And if that wasn't obvious before, it should be following Peter Moore's statement. Personally, I almost never play the single-player in a multi-player focused game. For me it functions as an extended tutorial - complete it once, then never play ti again. Put a bot-mode into Battlefront, and I doubt most players will know the difference. And ponder this. What kind of single-player campaign would we have gotten to go along with a multi-player focused game made by EA? This is pure speculation, but I'm pretty sure EVERYONE would have been disappointed. EA doesn't have the time (or commitment, b/c we know they have the money) to make the single-player game that people want, so why even enter a venture that would be sure to disappoint? It was a good business decision, however disappointing it is to fans. Wait... hold on... I've intercepted a high-level communication from Corporate Commander: "Hey, you know how everyone is griping about no single-player campaign in Star Wars Battlefront? I've got an idea. It's a great idea! We develop a campaign in episodes, just like we did for Battlefield Hardline, but we sell each episode for $29.99!! Who knows how long we could make that cycle last!!! And get this - and get this: we make everyone use those little laser gun thingys; we make light-sabers Day 1 DLC!! Want different colors for your light-saber? That can be MORE DLC!!!""
  3. There are a lot of different options in that price range. Around $1100, includes Windows 10 but does not include any peripherals: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/6jDKmG Intel Core i5, R9 390 (can be changed to a GTX 970, they're roughly the same price right now), and an over-spec'd power supply should you want to add a second card at a later date for dual GPU Crossfire (or SLI). At the top of your budget, if you already have you monitors and operating system and just want the computer. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/m82YGX Intel Core i7, GTX 980Ti (can be changed to a Radeon FuryX, they're roughly the same price). $100 can be shaved off the cost if a Radeon Fury (non-X) is selected (performance loss is around 7-10% versus a GTX 980Ti in a single GPU configuration).
  4. Inception The Hunt for Red October Equilibrium In the Line of Fire Gladiator Batman Returns Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Troy (Director's Cut) Expendables (director's cut) Fast and Furious (FF4) The Last Samauri Charlie Wilson's War Road to Perdition Michael Clayton High Plains Drifter Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise The Lone Ranger (2013)
  5. Linux Mint, MATE interface. Ubuntu sometimes has trouble with Sleep Mode (still! issue has been there for years now), which Mint strangely does not.
  6. I enjoyed the game as a hack 'n slash B-movie romp. Got it for $0.99 during a sale, feel I got my money's worth.
  7. Anybody remember this series? https://youtu.be/fSmGlI0r1CA
  8. There is a similar problem when attempting to install the original Max Payne from a disc. Is there a file named "Setup.exe" on your install disc? If so, try running that directly, instead of "Install.exe".
  9. The space available on the system drive can vary depending on the size-limit for System Restore. Windows creates automatic Restore Points for a number of procedures (like updates), and Restore points can take up a large amount of space (15-45 GB or more). To access the Restore Point settings (Windows 7 x64), go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > System Protection (tab) > Configure (button). A window will open that allows you to change the way System Restore functions. Leave the top section (Restore Settings) alone; the lower section (Disk Space Usage) is the one you want. Use the slider to set the hard-drive space allotment. If your computer has been running well, you can also delete all previous restore points (be sure to go back to the System Protection tab and create a new one immediately, so you have at least one restore point available). The Hibernation file does not change in size. If you do not use Hibernation, disable the feature in your Windows system settings, and the file should disappear (freeing up some hard drive space). The Page File is required to run a variety of programs on your computer, and does not fluctuate in size, though frequently only a part of it is utilized. While it is not recommended to turn the Page File off, its size can be reduced if you have plenty of system ram (and ironically, the more system ram you have, the larger the page file, since Windows by default matches the size of the page file to the amount of ram available).
  10. So, basically, they're re-imagining how Mass Effect might have developed without Casey Hudson. Same story - Reapers + colonization =Mass Effect 4
  11. Just a run-down of some of the arguments I've had in the past: - Origin is a great platform, just without the selection that Steam offers. - Uplay is not that bad either. - Loved the theme song / menu song in Dragon's Dogma - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning > Skyrim - Any Saints Row game > any GTA game (though I haven't played GTA V yet) - Mass Effect 3's ending works well - Dragon Age II is better than Dragon Age Origins. - EA has not "ruined" BioWare - As well as the usual (off-topic, but related) AMD vs. Intel and Radeon vs. Nvidia stuff. All of them make good tech.
  12. Would love to try the Bayonetta games, but a pc port is doubtful. Project Copernicus / Kingdoms of Amalur 2. Though Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was a bit of a grind, the lore was fantastic, and I was once hopeful of seeing what improvements would be made on the next game. Oh, and Alan Wake 2.
  13. @ArisingFlame The Newegg link doesn't work for some reason (it says "this wishlist is empty"). @ FakeAvus GTX 970 and 980 has really changed the market. If you can spring for a GTX 980, do it. For a cheap processor, try the forever-reliable AMD FX-8350 with a motherboard that has the 990FX chipset. Without dropping a ton of cash on an X99 system, an Intel Core i5 4690k with a Z97 chipset motherboard would be the best option (unless you need multiple cores, in which case i7).
  14. Right now? Mass Effect 3 when I feel like some multi-player. Otherwise, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (5th or 6th playthrough, lost count).
  15. I'm a sucker for story-driven games with good graphics. If it comes to PC, I'll get it.