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  1. Would you like to give your Pokemon a nickname?
  2. If you're a PC guy, you should try Natural Selection 2, think Left 4 Dead versus with Starcraft.
  3. Both of my aliases are just incredibly slight variations of my first and last names because i'm clever and original.
  4. Me and my friends laughed so hard whilst playing Borderlands 2.
  5. He's just Boss. Because you know, he's the fucking boss.
  6. How is this even a question? Master Cheif is lugging a ton of armor pretty much all the time. He's survived an uncountable amount of explosions along with like 5 falls from the atmosphere. In terms of badassery MC takes the cake, in term of being an actual fleshed out fucking character, of course Shepard wins.
  7. RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY RWBY That show is every possible treason against the arts rolled up in a burrito of failure. I'll admit I went into thinking it would be fucking sweet and now I only watch it just to see how bad it's going get.
  8. Bastion is one of my favorite games of all time, so i'm going to have to go with that.
  9. The fan from Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  10. Not really liking the way Dark Souls 2 looks so far, it seems more like Demon Souls 1.5 than a sequel to dark souls. But it is just beta and everything is subject to change so we'll see what happens down the line.
  11. I'm crazy hyped for Starbound and Destiny. How about you?
  12. Wind Waker and Halo 2 have to be my 2 favorite.
  13. What a coincidence.
  14. People said Blizzard was too late with Heartstone, it's only and beta and look how popular it is.