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  1. The guild has now cleared almost all of SoO Flex, and we've started on normal (2 down alrdy). Considering we only just got the guild going (and many had only LFR or worse gear) I think this progress is awesome. We plan to start setting up a pvp team soon as well, although need a PVP leader! (any volunteers? ) We're on the Al'akir server (EU) Horde side. We have 50+ players and quite a few are still leveling up new characters. We welcome any and all AA fans to come join us. Whisper me (Sheriden) or anyone else online from the guild for an invite.
  2. EU WoW Guild - We've set one up already. It has a pve raiding team already (half way through SoO), and currently working on making a pvp team also. We've requested official status but it seems extremly hard to get it, so it may be a while, or possibly won't happen if they don't want to support wow. Either way at least its a place for EU angry army fans to gather. If we are given official status we'll rename the guild to how Angry Joe wants it, so either Angry Army or ASJA etc. For now its not worth the £15 rename cost esp if we're using their name unofficially. The guild is level 25 with multiple unlocks. We have a 30 slot TeamSpeak server. We are on the server Al'akir, Horde side. Whisper me, Sheriden, or anyone from the guild which you can find on the armory. If any of you are interested, hit me back! We'd like to have you join us!
  3. We have a non-official Angry army EU Wow guild going over on Al'akir, Horde side. Feel free to join us there and level with others. I'd recommend using Recruit-A-Friend if you are not very high already, but it's probably too late for that not sure how it works really, but worth checking up on. Seems others gave you some of the best links, but one is missing for end-game guides: http://www.noxxic.com/wow This gives the best pvp/pve end game info you could need for all and each class, always kept up to date. If you want to level fast, from lvl 15 u can run dungeons with other people. The best way to have them come up quickly is to play either a tank or healer. DPS have longer wait times on the queues. Once you have one high lvl character, you can slowly buy gear which helps boost the leveling of new chars (alts). I'd suggest focusing 1 all the way up, getting some of that level boosting gear and then go for others and try each class out till you find the right one for you.
  4. Done. I've made a poll topic here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/7176-wow-sub-forum-under-role-playing-games-forum/ Would appreciate everyone's support and voting
  5. Please vote and support the addition of a new WoW sub-forum under the Role Playing Games forum. If you vote 'No' i'd love to know why, feel free to reply and let us know. Why? - It is the worlds #1 MMORPG (based off popularity, official subscription numbers, longevity, interest in latest expansion annoucement) - There have been many many WoW threads in the RPG forum and sadly sometimes get buried by lots of other random topics. - There are un-official Angry Army WoW Guilds for both US AND EU. They hope to become official at some point, so a WoW forum would help them both greatly, and encourage more players to come back to WoW. - A place where old players can find latest information/discussions to help them decide whether they'd like to return. I really hope we see it get added soon. Thank you!
  6. You might feel that yourself, but it couldn't be further from the truth or basic facts. The latest expansion announcement sent audience counts on the major wow mmo websites to their highest yet. There is a lot of interest in it. Not to mention its still got the worlds biggest amount of paying subscribers/player base for mmos.
  7. Yes, we've been trying to set up a non-official angry army EU guild on Al'akir server. Whisper or pm me if you would like to join us. Also, would love to see a WoW forum, its the worlds biggest MMO so kinda crazy not too.
  8. Don't miss out on the most successful MMO of all time - WoW. Find a recruit-a-friend to help you boost up quicker than usual and get special rewards too. Still has 7.7m subscribers, and expect a big rise on the next expansion
  9. Already started one up, made multiple threads about it and posted on almost every topic about wow but that one haha. But yeah, feel free to join us, EU Horde server Al'akir. Whisper me, Sheriden, for an invite. You can pm me for more details.
  10. Thanks Nixx, yeah we're still looking for more to join!
  11. That's true, its a hard point to alleviate. They recently said WoW just wasn't / isn't designed for any kind of 'free to play' system that some modern MMO's have specifically had it mind, whether from the start, or if things go bad (e.g swtor). It'd take a ton of work and a lot of redesigning of WoW to get it to happen (which is generally not worth it considering people want tons of new content asap). Plus the main reason, they have 7.7m+ subscribers atm and it would most likely be financial stupidity to risk changing it now. For example, many F2P have "pay to win" issues etc. I personally think the cost is high, but if you only get a sub when there is a lots of new content, it's probably worth it. Many others stay subbed when there isn't for the social aspect.
  12. I'd like to point out that the new expansion brings in an "item squish", meaning that your 3 & 4 points are addressed there. As for 5, would say that LFR is where casuals go, and heroics (soon to be Mythic 20man only) are where the 'skilled' go. If you have no skill or knowledge of the fights/bosses you won't get far, if anywhere. 6 is what most WoW players have issue with, but just like alcohol etc, you have to manage self control. They have tried to address this slightly with 'maximum' limits per week of attaining things, which kind of forces people not to either rush content/gear acquisition but also get out and do other stuff more. 2, Talents were hard to swallow, but it is true they have actual player choice now, where as before if you didn't do the best spec you'd, well, get a bad reception, or simply lack the ability to keep up with those who did. I've got used to it now. Also they plan to bring in 91-100 ability 'enhancements/alterations' as you level, to make it feel like you gained something worthwhile with each level, like talents used to. The expansion really is trying to fix a lot with what went wrong. They even plan to with hold flying until the first patch of the expansion, which is a great move imo. They are sticking to their guns and not letting the forum cry babies control them.
  13. What do you guys think of the new SWTOR expansion? Is it enough for many people to go back to the game? Check out the trailer:
  14. Fallout cause Skyrim started to become repetitive content quite quickly, which made me super sad