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Everything posted by Charlesml

  1. why does it have to be so late ;(((( wish i could join in
  2. Kinguin.com also has got it cheap
  3. Sadly this is true only the first event had brought like 30 people from the community
  4. will do my best to be there
  5. Will be there
  6. Grate clip
  7. And i was there to witness this so proud , one question Crazy where can i download that Warhammer voice over ?
  8. oh hell yeah, the drop attack during the previous event was epic
  9. God damit now i have to download the game again , but Hell yeah !!!!
  10. Damn its too late for me ;(
  11. I have to scan the list again then or would it be simpler to add someone to the friendlist, someone who is already playing and just join them in session
  12. Are you talking about the steam server list or ingame?
  13. it seams i cant find you on the server list ;(
  14. Thank you guys for a great time ;D , and i would have won the bike race if it werent for those damn windmill blades ...
  15. Joining in
  16. Well I am sure geting it , and i hope to see some people from this community to have some mindless fun
  17. Well that went quite well
  18. Yay got accepted in to the Planetside 2 outfit :lol:
  19. Hello everyone , this is another new inrtoduction from the new member of this fine comunity. My name is Charles and I am a pc gamer sine ... damn since i can remmeber, im mostly the type of a guy who doesnt speek much unsless I feel its needed. I play basicly every type of pc games , except sports games, big BF4 and Borderlands fan . What more can I say besides sorry for my english sonce it isnt my native language and i hope to have a great time with you girls and guys. Cheers