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  1. That's because they haven't done anything new with the 2D games since New Super Mario Bros. Wii. XD
  2. That is a really good idea. I would definitely participate in that.
  3. I just joined the Angry Army and I was wondering if anyone still plays on their 360's often. All I have is a 360, a Wii U, and a computer that can barely run minecraft, so I really can't participate in the next gen tournaments, and I have no money so getting hardware that can play this stuff is kinda out of the question for me. So is there any AJSA members out there that play often on the 360? Right now I have Advanced Warfare and Battlefield 3, but i plan to expand my Library of games soon with games like Skyrim and older Call of Dutys. and I might get another game if you suggest it. I'm new to the 360, so I'm not aware of all the good games on the platform.
  4. I am excited for this new title. the thing that turned me off to previous titles like twilight princess was the lack of detail in the overworld. it was so boring in those games it felt like a burden to travel through them, and there was not really any reason to travel off the beaten path and explore. with this game, it looks like they've fixed this issue. the overworld looks fantastic. i just hope they add some incentive to explore completely random places to find cool things that can help you in your quest. Not to mention the massive overworld is awesome.