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  1. You can buy the games you want now and save up for a console of your choice.
  2. Just finished a game called Kara No Shoujo and the menu song of this game is Awesome
  3. Sorry I think that Destiny is the closest think to a shooter mmo on PS4
  4. I buy some games Digital if they had limited codes example: FF Type 0 HD bought it on PSN.
  5. I recently got into Mass Effect Trilogy currently on ME:3 earth mission somehow I can't get myself motivated to finish this damn game.
  6. Not really a shooter but Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to PS4 soon(you have to understand japanese though) with a new Expansion day 1 import for me.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion guys today I just received my MGS V copy(I know not an rpg) Bloodborne(used) why would anyone sell an awesome game like that for dirt cheap.
  8. Last of us game set in Africa like in Nigeria would be great.
  9. Race: Elf Class: Mage(Summoner) Skin Colour: Brown
  10. Its too expensive right now its about 90 dollars but I'll keep it on the rather I'm not new to the souls games or so what I would like to think thanks for suggestion .
  11. Gate of Babylon.
  12. Grand Theft Auto reasons : Strippers, Violence , Prostitutes and Alcohol seriously its just a video game i wouldn't do any of the things in this game in real life. god of war: Seriously is not like I'm gonna worship Zeus or any of the Olympus gods they need to be flexible. Batman Arkham Knight banned in Saudi Arabia I don't know why.