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    I am without interests, therefore I am without a soul, nor a heart. I am nothing.
  1. I am interested.
  2. Looks good to me man, I think you're being a little modest, Great job anyhow.
  3. What I meant was that nintendo gave out their licenses to companys and since that turned to shit, they're extremly protective of their license to make sure this does not happen again. This happened with a deal with sony and nintendo that sony made a short cgi zelda movie. Nintendo declined because of the prior "DO THE MARIO! SWING YOU'RE ARMS TO SIDE TO SIDE!"
  4. They're so stingy about third party support because *cough cough super mario bros movie cough cough DO THE MARIO! SWING YOU'RE ARMS FROM SIDE TO SIDE! Third parties raped nintendo licenses and now they're protective of themselves for a good reason.
  5. I totally agree with you and I'm hoping that more third party companies in and outside Japan would support it. Its a great console with many capabilities and hopefully a bright future for both nintendo and the wii u.
  6. Not to sound like a annoyence, but can you send me a link to your profile, the community search on steam is fighting me. :l
  7. Is your Steam username the same on your profile, because I can't find it.
  8. Oh and I see you are a Payday 2 fan as well? A great game for any pc gamer and I play it frequently.
  9. I mostly play on pc yes, but I also play on xbox one, mostly killer instinct and gta 5. I would be glad to add you sir and may we have a prosperous friendship.
  10. Just looking for different people to play games with in the community. Just joined the army 2 days ago and was looking over the forum and seeing many diverse and interesting people.
  11. I don't think so, when we have a free-to-play warhammer game coming out in 2015 and looks promising. Maybe a company like sledgehammer or if radical studios still existed, warhammer would be more plentyful in the gaming spectrum, but warhammer men of war and its expansions have been keeping me company for a LONG time.
  12. We shall attack imposter joe's base and destroy any traces of this channel!
  13. Frontlines: Fuel of war was one of my first games on pc and I randomly picked it up just for its name, sounds soo awesome too me. If I remember it had levelution before battlefield: Bad company and is one of my favorite games.
  14. Id Recommend a Japanese 3DS because of the huge library compared to the US version, but unless you can speak or understand Japanese, you're gonna have a bad time.