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  1. Laserrifle125 liked a article by Arreyanne, SWTOR: AJSA FLAGSHIP LAUNCHED   
    Tonight May the 24th AJSA completed a milestone in our quest to dominate the galaxy, Kuat Drive Yards has delivered our Flagship.
    Thanks to Eiousx, for delivering the final contribution to the Drive Yards that completed the vessel. (He personally donated the last 18 Million, if you're a member give him a kudo's either in game, here on the forums, or anyways you feel works for you)
    Also a big thanks goes to all members who donated any amount to finalized the purchase of our Dreadnaught .
    What does this mean for the guild?
    Simply put we can now launch conquest of planets. These events change on a weekly and Bi-weekly bases. It will require many hours of preparation for the guild to take a planet. We will need crafter's, people to run FP's, WZ's, Op's, and Herioc's depending on which planet we wish to take.
    News concerning Planetary contest will be coming shortly.
    Thanks again to all guild members who have donated and made this possible.
  2. Laserrifle125 liked a article by DoctorEvil, May 8th: Something is Coming...   
    What: [REDACTED]
    When: [REDACTED]
    How to join: [REDACTED]