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  1. Seriously, there you go again. First off, linux as an operating system has been growing and growing for many years (what do you think android is?). Second Valve is pretty much the biggest gaming company on the planet and trust me, they can shift people in this industry they have done it time and time again. Whats more they are shifting the industry over to linux, more and more games are supporting linux. AMD and Nvidia are working with Valve to create proper support for linux, OpenGL is becoming far more popular and far more standard. Add to that the fact that even windows is going open source (meaning emulation and cross platform support will be easier). But as the old saying goes, rome wasn't built in a day.
  2. I hope so, I have never been a fan of any 1 company holding a monopoly. Competition is an AWESOME thing, it should well and truly be celebrated. That and I have been waiting for someone to knock M$oft off the top spot, their popularity has been waning greatly.
  3. I really hope so. Games will be seeing better 8 core support throughout the year and hopefully muli-monitor will become more of the standard so we see it better supported too. It would be cool if we get such good multi-monitor support we could have 8 or more player split screen across multiple monitors....but I doubt that one will happen, I'm probably just dreaming. But I'm also worried about the F2P market becoming too big. I'm not really a fan of F2P (besides the LoL and Dota models) and I'm more a fan of the old school, buy it and own it model.
  4. Well, he didn't pull the story from thin air, he even linked to it in the video description. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/04/analyst-pc-gaming-now-brings-in-more-money-than-console-gaming/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2014/04/28/as-global-pc-game-revenue-surpasses-consoles-how-long-should-console-makers-keep-fighting/ Well the figures come straight from the DFC Intelligence, a market research firm. So I would go with their numbers over someones opinion. LOL, seriously, that tired old argument. First of all, studies have shown, time and again, that people who pirate the most also buy MUCH more than everybody else See Here, Or Here. Or This Here. Not only that, as Valve and Gabe Newell himself has said (and shown) piracy is a service problem and a non issue and have even talked about how to compete with piracy. Even GOG has shown piracy isn't really something to worry about. In fact they even combat it with something that is one of the major reasons Australia pirates so much "The site offers games at the same price worldwide with no regional pricing". Not only that, no regional availability. You ever tried getting the new Game of Thrones in Australia legally? It requires a Foxtel subscription with a 6 month minimum contract at around $60 per month you can't get the drama pack without the subscription. Well actually, Valve very specifically trialled those discounts to see how it affected sales (as you can read in the links above). It was so successful Left 4 Dead saw a 3000% increase in sales and according to Gabe himself, made more money then when they sold the game at full price. They sold more copies than when they first launched the game. That doesn't really happen in this industry and there are few instances of it happening. Launch day is usually your most successful time (for AAA companies). They actually make more money, when the games go on sale. Just because 1 company doesn't release their games on 1 platform, does not mean that platform doesn't make as much money. Sometimes there are technical reasons, other times it's because it is easier to make a game for 1 type of hardware. Sometimes it's lack of experience. Why on earth would developers not put EVERYTHING on console then?. The world of business is not that simple and 1 companies choices of platform, do not represent the number of sales for a platform.
  5. What??? What are you talking about, this has NOTHING to do with that. This has nothing to do with PC vs Console and you've basically tried to just say that it is and gone "THIS IS THE WAY IT IS END TOPIC". You've completely misinterpreted it, why is it such a crime for people to discuss this and the implications it has on pc gaming. Fair enough, my apologies, but I misinterpreted it in an accusatory tone. This post isn't "PC Gaming isn't dead" although the guy touched on the topic of that. It's about the statistic of it being more profitable at this current point in time. Which is completely different.
  6. Pardon? This has nothing to do with what is better or worse, it's just numbers and when did I start an elitest argument?
  7. I was actually surprised by this. But I'm not sure whether or not this is a good or bad thing. On one hand this "should" increase compatibility and support for better hardware etc (as long as that hardware gets used). On the other hand, it may increase the amount of shovelware being bought and thereby increase the amount of shovelware being created. But that's just my 2c. Thoughts?
  8. I don't usually use twitch, but I just loved the idea of this entirely. Putting a small amount of control into the hands of your viewers, although the changing up certain aspects of the difficulty would have to be done right. This one is potentially a double edged sword. Although it could add to the replay value, procedural generation doesn't quite have the same level of complexity and craftsmanship that would otherwise go into the level designs. It's currently for sale for $15 and I personally believe this one is more pewdiebait than anything else. But I'm more in these types of games for the solo play.
  9. I was hoping this game would bring me back to the days of playing Amnesia, sitting in my room, with the lights off, headphones on, shitting my pants...figuratively that is. Amnesia is by far my favourite horror game ever created and one of my favourite horror media of all time. So I was seriously hoping Daylight would live up to it's standards. Sadly, whereas Amnesia oozed fear out of every orifice, Daylight is almost entirely reliant on jump scares. The game starts you off, waking up on the floor of a run down hospital turn prison. With the voice of a man telling you to pick up the "machine" in front of you (he is referring to the phone directly in front of you). Explaining to you that you must find "remnants of the past", which are in fact little notes etc lying around the area. The games story is told entirely in these notes. While the voice, far to commonly chimes in with annoying crap, that never actually makes any sense, like "No matter where you go, there you are". Sadly what you're not told, at all, is that you need to collect enough of these remnants, to spawn a sigil, to be able to open the locked door leading to the next area. Which in some cases had me running around for fucking ages, back and forth, looking for one tiny little missed item. Only to have to trek all the way back to the door immediately afterwards. Throughout the game you will constantly run into a ghost like woman (who will appear more frequently the more remnants you find) who appears and kills you...if you look at her. You can completely avoid dieing, simply by looking away and avoiding looking at her for too long. Alternatively, you can burn her with flares (which are plentiful) to get rid of her. Although you can only hold 4 at a time, they last for awhile, with the exception that once you find the last remnant in an area you can't use them again until you get to the next area. I found myself never having to worry about death (after my first one, just sitting there staring at her, the first time I saw her), which significantly takes away from the fear factor. Without the worry of consequence, there is little to be scared of. Except for something I hate for the most part, jump scares. Usually the ghost gives away her arrival through howls and the phone glitching, but sometimes she just likes to appear behind you, out of nowhere, or behind a door, or a corner, or well, you get the point. When the game isn't constantly throwing this ghost at you, it is randomly moving cupboards and drawers and wheelchairs and flickering lights (which I hear if your streaming with the games twitch integration, your viewers can cause by typing certain commands into chat, a nice touch I think). But that is the main problem with the game, although it has tried using dark lighting, in most areas (needing a phone or glowstick to light the area) and some scary sounding background music (and the occasional noise behind doors etc), their really isn't much to be scared of. The game has over utilised jump scares to the point where they become very boring. They stop becoming genuinely scary and more "oh, that made me jump". In Amnesia: TDD they rarely used jump scares, the focus was on making the player feel helpless, with no way to defend yourself against the enemies you were forced to fear them. With every sound and song seeping into you like an unavoidable darkness, making you fear what might or might not be around the next corner. It utilised it's sound track perfectly, making every noise fit perfectly with the setting. At one point the sounds of distant cries for help, getting louder and louder until you realise you were led into a trap, forcing you to run for the nearest room, you throw a chair in front of the door and hide in a cupboard, hearing the monsters slam open the door, never knowing when it is truly safe to check outside, even a little crack to have a peek out. You felt like a child from a horror movie, hiding away, praying that what lurks outside your closet doesn't hear your heavy breathing. Or the sounds of a distant piano playing a truly terrifying song, only to find yourself closer and closer to the room, you enter and find the piano, it stops, it's sitting there untouched. You close the wooden lid over the pianos keys and as you walk away, it starts to play again, that same tune. You turn around, it's still closed. The darkness was perfect, forcing you to find oil for your lamp and flint for torches to light your way lest you find yourself going insane, hearing things that weren't there, seeing the walls and floors breathe and pulsate, the darkness almost swallowing you. Which in turn caused you character to stumble and trip, unable to find his feet, becoming louder and louder, increasing your chances of being heard by the monsters. The game did occasionally utilise jump scares, but they were used sparingly and in good places, you never really expected them and sometimes they would happen at a time you finally felt safe, forcing you to acknowledge the harsh reality that you were never truly safe. Which is Daylights major sin. If every time an enemy appears you can just whip out a flare and instakill it, or just simply look away, what are you left to fear? A bed that flipped up as you walked past? A door that opened itself? A wheelchair rolling towards you and disappearing? Maybe it's just me, but constant, never ending jump scares are not my idea of True Horror. Sure it scared me, but I never really felt true fear, which left me seriously unimpressed.
  10. Really because I haven't heard any audio centric website say sound cards are superfluous. Or any I.T. website for that matter,
  11. E-sports, good. X games good. E-sports + X games WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!! Seriously, gaming is not an extreme sport, I love e-sports I mean I think top level gaming is amazing. Same with Xtreme games but they damn well don't deserve to be in the same bracket.
  12. Lots of people are buying 4k monitors since the prices dropped so much (and you can now pick one up for around $600 - $800 for an el cheapo). Even Netflix and Youtube are going to start streaming 4k soon (they are trialling it atm). Pads are good for fighting games, but I would recommend getting a fighting stick instead and a flight stick for your plane games. But that all depends on your budget.
  13. Yeah I don't even have a monitor that supports 2.5k gaming....actually, I have a small cheapo t.v. But if you have the money for it, why not. When I was looking for help deciding on what speakers etc to get for my pc (I'm an audiophile hence why I forked out for my sound card), someone basically put it like this: "There is sound quality, volume and price, now pick 2". Personally I think it holds true for the electronics industries in general.
  14. Well actually that depends on the resolution. 4k gaming you're gonna need a hell of a lot more power, even 2.5k gaming you still need a fair grunt.
  15. If you want extra (or larger) storage, but don't want to keep forking out for a massive SSD, you may consider getting an SSHD (Solid State Hard Drive). It's a hybrid that has physical disks and solid state components, for faster speed than an HDD but more space (and cheaper price) than an SSD. But not quite the speed of a pure SSD. As for the PSU, checking cooler masters psu calculator, your machine should come in at around 646 watts, which should put you near the sweet spot in terms of performance. But if you're considering another major upgrade down the line (like getting another GPU) than I would consider getting a slightly larger model. Anything other than an extra GPU and that power supply will be fine.