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  1. Greetings, Just joined the forums after coming across you guys from Google. My friends and I were a big fan of CoX. We all made blasters, and were trying to match the elements. Seeing, how CoX was the first MMO that I really got into from used to playing Warcraft 3 or Age of Empires at the time. I've always been a huge fan of the whole superhero genre.. The only problem is, most of my friends aren't so when it came down when CoX shut down.. All my friends abandon ship and went on to WoW. WoW is a great game.. But I'd mostly prefer a superhero mmo! I could never get into Champions.. I don't like being nickel & dimed on everything, I'd rather pay a sub fee and get everything up front. Also for some other reason my computer had a really hard time running it and I have a good computer so not sure what was going on with that. DCUO was a lot of fun, I never first seeing the trailers for it and was blown away. I like any game that offers a duo feature, and DCUO does offer this. Again.. nobody I knew would play it so playing alone... Was horrible. Marvel Heroes is fun at times.. But I dislike seeing over like 50 Hawkeye's running around. Each MMO has there pro's and con's. I don't wanna be a sidekick to Batman or Superman, or Joker/Lex. And I don't really prefer to be playing as the hero's themselves. I really hope that they can bring City of Titans to life.
  2. I've played on and & off. I was all over the closed beta when they were sending out emails. And being out to try out all the different hero's was really fun! However, none of my friends play it so I eventually gave up. I'm looking to find other players to play it with cause I keep up with the patches.. I just never log in.