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  1. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Moostar in Thoughts on the VGX   
    Nope, just watch the trailer online.
  2. Moostar liked a post in a topic by tobiderfisch in Trading Trine   
    For TF2, Dota 2 or Valve games trading in general go to http://www.tf2outpost.com/
    There are other sites but this is my favorite. 
    Also if you're not sure what an item is worth, this is a useful site to check the general worth http://tf2spreadsheet.traderempire.com/ (Note: these are just 'guidelines' to what items are worth)
  3. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Moostar in Best Free2Play Shooters   
    Team Fortress 2. Though for an honorable mention Ill have to say Warface.
  4. Moostar liked a post in a topic by Phill in Team Fortress 2 Server.   
    I would like to see more support for this game, if any of you pay attention to the main site, you'd probably of seen that I've drawn like... 5 Team Fortress 2 comics already. I'm asking Joe for help bringing this dream to a reality, but he's super busy this week! Let's see if we can get some commander support on this as well! PM them with furious anger as to why TF2 isn't official! ;3
  5. Moostar liked a post in a topic by haiiro_okami in Team fortress 2   
    You bet I'm game to get in on competitive TF2 play, though I doubt I'm good enough for it....I definitely need to get my Mic back now....
  6. Moostar liked a post in a topic by snipermex in Hi ho everyone   
    I'm Fima, was born in a small country called Moldova, currently serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) as a Merkava IV tank driver and I'm happy to join this great community, it's great that Joe decided to get this whole thing going and I'm glad to be part of this.
    looking forward to game with you people!
  7. Moostar liked a post in a topic by Wasabie123 in I'm Brad p2   
    My real name is Brad I love video games, my pan name is my angry army name which is Wasabie123. I don't have xbox live but I do have an xbox 360. I also have steam. My steam name is going to be changed so I will inform the angry army when I have a new one. I have been following angry joe since his prototype review. I love his charisma and humor to all of his reviews and videos.
  8. Moostar liked a post in a topic by Budgetcutsinc in Team fortress 2   
    Really!? Thats Kickass! 
  9. Moostar liked a post in a topic by Chadbeats in Team fortress 2   
    Through together this lazy spray for TF2 http://fav.me/d6tk0me
    Thought I might as well share it.

  10. Moostar liked a post in a topic by SlingShot in Team fortress 2   
    i really love TF2 its will be fun to be AJSA server, with all the tings like Batllefield 4
  11. Moostar liked a post in a topic by Budgetcutsinc in Team fortress 2   
    I'm game if anyone would like to add me on steam 
  12. Moostar liked a post in a topic by Budgetcutsinc in Team fortress 2   
    Hey guys this topic is for people looking to play team fortress 2 with the AJSA(by this i mean any AJSA members on the forum)! Please do not spam just reply to this if your interested in playing tf2 with others then wait for a response! *Update* sense the server thing is probably happening this topic is now also mainly for talking about tf2 stuff like maps,hats,items,strategies ext