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Everything posted by Zipper

  1. - DotA Reborn Community - About Hello fellow DotA2 fans! With the launch of DotA2, I need a group of people to play mods with. The matchmaking is fine, but there is a huge chance that you will get at least one leaver in your team. This is why, I does not work for me. I need a group of active players that are willing to play mods from start to the end. Joining Our steam link is: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dotareborn Everyone is welcome to join! It doesn't matter if you're good, if you're bad, if you want to speak english or not... You are welcome to join as long as you promise to not leave the games without an excuse.
  2. I know it's just 10 EUR right now, but the paid DLC thing is a big turn off for me. I'm afraid I might end up paying a lot more for what is to me a rather average game...
  3. Thanks, but SourceTree is such an awful mess. Isn't there anything better?
  4. Is there a way to upload the source code somewhere online? I'm tired of having to archive and upload my sources after every build. Is there something that can upload the source online with ease?
  5. That's kind of harsh. Maybe perma-mute would be nice, but really? Perma ban?
  6. But honestly though, am I the only one who hates broken hard/megaman hard nintendo games?
  7. I agree. The bad games don't usually come from devs, but from the marketing team! "Make me a Call of Duty!" "But this is Resident E-" "I don't care! Make it a Call of Duty!" And resident evil happened.
  8. Nes. "It's like a gateway drug!"TM
  9. All I'm thinking is the Viscera guys will have a lot of cleanup to do after this one!
  10. Ironically, people use piracy to combat DRM...
  11. I don't pay attention to games that stay loyal to their genre that much. I have a list of RTS hybrids that I find interesting myself: Ghost Master (kinda like sims, but you're the ghosts) Sacrifice (you play as a wizard in 3rd person) Impossible Creatures (this game's gimmick is you make your own armies) Giants Citizens Kabuto (the mother of asymmetrical multiplayer) Warlords Battlecry (rts with rpg leveling elements) They are all interesting takes on the RTS genre. 'We' need something like this.
  12. I made IndieDB page/log. Check it out for updates! http://www.indiedb.com/games/puzzle-quest-rise-of-lord-bane (Working title)
  13. Hello. This is a project I've been working on for a while. It's basically a remake of Puzzle Quest. For those who don't know, Puzzle Quest is an old game by developer infinite interactive that combines bejeweled-like gameplay with a turn based RPG. Basically players will take a turn at a time, and each turn they will combine gems to take mana they can use to cast spells. The original game had a lot of content; 4 classes to choose from and a large number of enemies and quests, mounts for your hero, leveling up your hero, learning spells and sieging/taking over cities. I started from that, and added certain elements from other RPGs, such a Pokemon, Final Fantasy. Much like in the original games, players will take turns, but each side will have multiple units with different types of spells. The game ends when all the units of any side have been defeated. The developers were kind enough to let me use the assets from the main game, since this game will be free and will not make any profit.
  14. I have some promising projects but no time/assets to make them live. Most of them have significant work in unity. I'm afraid they will never see the light of day...
  15. Then Bloodbourne happened. And every one who was raised in the tutorial generation sniffed and cried in the corner of their basements... For it was reckless and showed no mercy for the weak.
  16. I started getting interested in this game. Is it worth the money? Is it a good purchase? Shall I wait for the release? I heard this game makes really interesting user experiences. Does anyone have anything like that to share? What I'm basically asking for is one of them "Reign of Kings" stories thread. Remember, it's not worth posting if it doesn't end in you getting dragged by a rope and murdered in somebody's basement
  17. And the horror twist is: Those weren't animatronics, they were FURRIES! Dun Dun Duuuuuuuun!
  18. Lvl 40. Farming for my 10th hero.
  19. Are you sure you were not in Silent Hill, OP? Common mistake to confuse it for a dream.
  20. Hello. Odd question. Have you noticed people are trying to scam more and more lately? Or is it just me? I've been getting a lot of messages trying to link me to odd steam copy websites, like steamvommunity.com, steamcomrnunity.com. So, has Steam Scammer activity been rising overall or have I been 'blacklisted' on one of those scammer websites which targets people with rare items?
  21. I was going to suggest that.
  22. I would really like if we had a TeamSpeak Channel. I might be able to manage it if nobody else is available.
  23. WOTด็็็็็้้้้้็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้?
  24. When OP will get banned, I will make a large grin.