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  1. He said he was fourty two in the last mortal kombat stream and he never said jk and i was just wondering if he really was 42
  2. Is OJ really 42 i mean i heard they met in middle school but on the recent mortal kombat stream hes 42 and i dont believe this because he looks really young and hes all in tech and video games my dads 41 and im 19 almost twenty and my dads an ass and isnt into video games onky when i was 2 or 3 when we played ocarina together but thats the last time anyway so if OJ really is 42 how is he so awsome?? Sorry for rant but my dad is nothing like oj and i wish he was
  3. Well I'm pretty excited haven't gotten to play it at all really love elder scrolls though
  4. Alright cool can't wait for this game
  5. And I litterlay rebeat skyrim a million times all doc all secret hidden things litteraly everything I did everything multiple times I seriously put at least 5,000 hrs easy probally way more into skyrim so looking foward to elder scrolls
  6. Btw sorry I'm 19 male college student I have been a big gamer my whole life but recently I can't nessicarly put all my time into Xbox so I can't say I'll play all the time but defenitly alot
  7. So when elder scrolls online for xbox one comes out I was wondering if their are certain people who would like to team up with me when it comes out, I know it's early but I'm already super hyped for The game and if there's any other xbox one owners who are the same message me on xbox one my gamer tag is the same FullMetAlcemist
  8. I would say dragon age inquistion or and shadow of morodor really awsome games
  9. Master sword mod or dragn ball z add lol sorry i have no link not a pc gamer but i saw those they looked pretty cool
  10. Now i now cod isnt the best but i personally always loved the zombie mod on cod and when it came out it should of had it likes been on the past three games and they replaced it with a boring mode and are gonna charge for the mode that most people bought advanced warfare for and they claim that its fair because they put a decent mode but its completly unfair it should of been a part of the game but more disapointing and one that had so much potential was obviously DESTINY! Lol
  11. Thanks
  12. Welcome to the angry army
  13. Hi my name is Dylan im a casual gamer i love elder scrolls black ops one and maybe modern warfare 2 were the only good cods in my opinion i loce multiplayer games and like to play those games on weekends with friends. Im a current community college student and i love exercise and gaming.