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Everything posted by thedukeofzill

  1. Oh my god, what happened? Has anyone else played it yet? Being a HUGE fan of the series (played and beat all of them to date) I feel Squenix took the biggest dump they could on the franchise in this attempt to "Save" it. I won't post any spoilers here, but I will say if you're a fan, you will be severely disappointed. The environments are weak, the characters are worse than any I've seen in a series entry (yes, even worse than Lymle.) The whole experience seems so limp. I was so excited to see square was going to be bringing the series back, but I'm afraid this game is going to put it right back in the ground. I haven't beat the game in its entirety yet, but by what I've read it doesn't get any better. This is a sad day for a franchise that flat out diserves more time and effort. And that's the problem, it seems they put so little effort in this game. I hope to god this isn't what we can expect from future JRPG titles. I understand that JRPGs really are a thing of the past now, but if they are going to be spending time and money developing one, why the hell couldn't they have at least tried to make it worth while? This experience makes me fearful for any other JRPG franchises that try to make a comeback. I mean, if this is what I can expect, maybe I don't want to see another Suikoden or Wild Arms. Sad day for any of you Star Ocean fans. Lol I hope I'm not the last of a dying breed.
  2. I will start this post by linking a video to Alphaomegasin: I think his ideas on this topic are totally valid. We are really seeing so many games that are getting a spitritual successor. I think this could be a way that the fans of certian titles can actually get the games they want, not the games the AAA developers tell them they want. I am worried about the state of so many of my favorite franchises. I honestly believe if companies like Konami are going out of the gaming businiess and more into the gambling market, sell of your IP's to a company who will do something with it, or the original developers should just create a spiritual successor like Mighty NO.9 or yooka-laylee. I've been saying it for a while, I am so tired of these companies sitting on their IP's. Suikoden, Chrono trigger, Legand of Dragoon, just to name a few. We will never see another addition to these titles, and its a damn shame that we will get 50 more COD's and Suikoden will sit in the closet, never to be seen again.
  3. The game is still bad even with unlockables. I will say though, I think unlockables need to be more of a thing. It sucks that DLC pretty much took their place in modern gaming. I miss the god ol days when the internet was around to spoil everything. If you didn't know where that seceret character was,or that awesome fatality, you had to bust some ass to try and figure it out ( or get Nintendo power =/) All in all, I really miss that awesome feeling of unlocking a sweet weapon or skin just by beating the game on a certian difficulty or at a certian time.
  4. I hate this so much. Today, I noticed we are getting another yearly iteration of Guns'n'Grabass (CoD,) But an amazing title with tons of potential is getting the boot. WTF Konami AND Kojima! This game could have saved the Silent Hill franchsie. Gamers, such as myself, I have been waiting with bated breath for a decent Silent Hill game. It's great to hear a company try and take a dying franchsie and breathe some new life into it, like they were doing with Silent Hills. I'm so tired of companies taking the safe route. I'm tired of companies making yearly entries to these boring titles, and leaving these other amazing franchsies in the dust. Konami, PLEASE give us another Silent Hill or Suikoden game for gods sake! Suikoden 1 and 2 were such AMAZING games, I'm just sad to see they don't take as much care and pride into these titles as they do MGS.
  5. I hope thats not the actual look and just some PR picture. I have no issue with Jared Letto being the Joker, but I really hope they pick a much better design.
  6. IDK if Joe reads these, or if some of his upper brass will relate the question to him. I was watching Kickassia today and I really really wish AJ and the rest of the group over at Thatguywiththeglasses will do another movie. I loved Kickassia and Suburban Knights so much. Joe If you're reading this, contact Doug! You guys need to do another collaboration.
  7. I'm getting a little antsy/worried about the Order 1886. When I first heard word of this game a long time ago, it sounded amazing. The hype behind this game in the last year has been insane. Since this last year in gaming, I have learned (as well as other gamers have i'm sure,) that the hype, more often than not, is never a true representation of how a game will actually turn out. I have been seeing reviews like this one here pop up all over the place: http://attackofthefanboy.com/news/playstation-3/order-1886-gameplay-preview-impressions/ These lukewarm outlooks on the order are making me worry even more. By what I gather, people who have received a preview code of this game seem to say almost the same things. It's a solid action title, but rather bland and not very new or innovating. Has anyone here actually had some hands on experience with this title? I'm really wondering how it will turn out. This year I will not be pre-ordering any titles. After last years shoddy display of triple A titles, and BS pre-order incentives, I will no longer pay for a game I have not had a chance to either demo or, watch a reliable source demo. So, i'm being VERY careful on what titles I shell out the 60 dollars for. Any insight on this game would be much appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, obviously we are all here because we enjoy Angry Joe and like to watch his Youtube content and play games with the community. I just want to know who else do you guys frequently watch? Let's players, reviewers, vloggers, who are your favorite Youtube personalities besides Angry Joe. I'll start off by saying I dig the heck out of Jacksepticeye!
  9. So, recently Rock, paper, shotgun (I know, we don't really like them here lol.) Did an interview with Peter Molyneux-creature of such titles as: Black and white, Fable, and Populous. This interview was conducted with the idea of "calling Molyneux out on his lies." As we all know, Molyneux is notorious for false promises, and delayed release dates due to bad planning, most notably was the situation surrounding Fable 1, where he made SO many outlandish promises about game features and release time frames that were just impossible to keep. Even his development staff spoke to the general public explaining "We have no idea how we are going to make these features work in our game." Time and time again Molyneux has promised game play features, and came back months later detailing how these claims were "impossible to reach" and that he is "sorry" for making ridiculous promises. But, he would announce these statements in the most absurd ways, by blaming time frames or development hic-ups along the way. NOT to mention his tastless statements surrounding his OWN games, telling people to "skip Fable 1, we didn't put all the features we wanted in there, BUT FABLE 2 WILL! BUY THAT ONE." Since all of these scandals have come to light, Molyneux is up to it again with his title Godus. I know this is old news, but for the sake of people who don't know, it goes like this: Molyneux went to Kickstarter a few years back asking for half a million pounds of development money to create his new work; Godus. He claimed to the public that the cost would go to creating this game...with a 7 MONTH time frame; once again slinging unrealistic release date promises, and to public backers this time no less. When the game was released in 2013 (finally.) The PC version was riddled with bugs and broken game play features...again. Jim Sterling did a very insightful video on the whole situation, taking a stance of some what defending Molyneux, but also saying he kind of deserved this barrage of hardball questions from Rock, Paper, Shotgun. I agree with Jim, Molyneux has created some amazing titles, and by all means is a "talented" man. But these public displays of deceit and lame excuses for mistakes has really made him completely unreliable as a developer. You can read the RPS interview here: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/02/13/peter-molyneux-interview-godus-reputation-kickstarter/ It covers a lot more than just this situation with Godus. It's an interesting read, take it in stride though, RPS has been known for their one-sided bashing of workers and developers in the industry. Also, you can check out Jim Sterling's video here: Tell me what you guys think of this situation, if you have any thoughts at all on it.
  10. Looks like it was reported that Square is going to allow indie developers the ability to pitch ideas for some of their old IPs, through crowed funding events. Some titles include: Gex, Fear Effect, and Anachronox. Square, of course, will take a large cut of the proceeds but, will still allow other companies to develop some of their older titles. This is some strange news. For one, I know no one really cried to Square saying "We want a new Gex title!" Haha, that may not be necessarily true but, the fact remains these titles haven't seen the light of day in over 10 years. I'm hoping this could be the start of Square letting other companies play around with their IP's that are no longer in use. This COULD mean that, in the future, we may be able to see 3rd party remakes or sequels to titles like Chrono Trigger. I seriously doubt it anytime soon (since Square is sitting on these titles for future profit for themselves i'm sure.) But, at least there is a glimmer of hope that some of their older beloved titles could see the light of day again. One other thing that is funny. Square's response to this ordeal about other titles being added to the list, is "Start with those and see what the response is like." WOW, does Square not know that if they re-released some of their older titles with updated graphics or even just flat out remade, It would be like printing money for them? Well, I hope this idea takes off for them so they stop sitting on the titles we WANT and start thinking about development.
  11. I know, I would have loved that. I loved Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, I thought it was super fun. I always thought an open world MMO type game would fit perfectly. Sadly, there wasn't enough of a fan base for it to really see the light of day.
  12. There seem to be a lot of titles that can be utilized with this program. I think this is a great move for Square. I understand, they can't really develop all of these titles on their own, since there wouldn't be enough money or people to work on them. But, I've been saying it for a while; If you don't want to work on some of these older titles, at least let other developers do it at a cost.
  13. Aww, I was a day off. I thought it was lifted by today.
  14. I wanted an open world MMO style Vampire the Masquerade. I know they were supposed to do it with that Night City game or whatever, but that project got scrapped. Not enough interest. I'm not a huge fan of Vampires or anything like that, but the premise the game had, with the whole dark city and different clans of Vampires seemed like a cool idea for an MMO open world sandbox.
  15. Totally agree. I am not an early access fan at all. Others seem to enjoy it, but after I was burned for 20 dollars by the developers of Rust, I learned my lesson. I will not pay for a games development during the process. If the game offers a free Alpha and allows the player to try it out and submit feedback on certain aspects, I'm cool with that. Give the player base like 3 or 4 days of open Alpha. I just don't see the point or worth in paid for alphas (which is pretty much what early access is.) I can wait a few more months for my games to release and be finished and polished. I see no point in paying for a game that is half way through It's development process.
  16. Suikoden 6? LOL
  17. That's crazy. How did your store release it three days in advance? Did they have a different release timeline for your country? Or did you get a review copy and you are now able to post a review since the embargo was lifted?
  18. I love Boogie! And yes, he is a lot more lenient about his dollar/gameplay ratio. I kind of agree with Rich over at reviewtechusa a little bit more though. He kind of says it right, It really doesn't matter too much how long the game is, as long as you really really enjoyed it. Understandably, If the game was one hour long, that's really pushing it. But, If you paid 60 dollars and only received 5 hours of game play, but it was the most fulfilling gameplay you have played In a very long time, I would consider that worth my 60 dollars. Also, Rich is kind of right on the filler side missions. SO many games cram this crap into their titles just to say "hey guys look, we have 150,000 hours of game play!" Crappy thing is you're running around collecting plants for lord so and so for no real reason.
  19. Dungeon keeper was amazing. I bought Fable 1 purely because of the hype. I wasn't savvy enough in the ways of the industry to realize this guy couldn't possible keep all the promises he was spouting. Now I'm a total skeptic. I still worry about Star Citizen with all the promises they have made.
  20. FF6 was super Amazing. Loved that game. Here's my list BTW: Suikoden 1&2 Chrono Trigger Star Ocean 2 FF7 (sorry to be cliche) MGS series
  21. LOL It is true the man had a dream, I'll give you that. But this does go to show you how little people do pay attention as Legolas said. Molyneux was the master of the hype machine; I just don't understand how someone could come out and just outright lie about their hype though. It's happened SO many times with this guy as well. Talk about putting yourself out of business pretty much. This isn't a case of the fan base being "too harsh" and running someone out of the business, like some people claim with Phil Fish (not saying I agree with that BTW.) This is straight up his own fault, and on top of it all, Molyneux will make every excuse in the book for not making his deadlines or game functionality promises. During this interview with RPS one could say he was pointing fingers at Kickstarter for the reason why he didn't ask for enough money for Godus in the beginning. HOW is this, in any way shape or form, Kickstarter's fault? I don't think we will see much more from Molyneux in the future.
  22. The Bouncer, totally forgot about that one. There are a ton of awesome Square games I would love to see in this program. Anyone remember Einhinder?
  23. It totally could hurt the Medium, I agree. But, I do believe people have wants and needs for their 60 dollars. Consumers are difficult to please sometimes, but rightfully so because It's their hard earned money. Some people feel justified paying the price for minimum content, they just love the game or the developer. Others are very vocal and expressive about what they feel they "Deserve" for their money. There is no possible way you can please everybody with your release. But, I also agree there isn't any set rule that a game set at 60 dollars needs to have a minimum of 30-40 hours of game content, and there shouldn't be. Games are expensive to develop. People want series graphics, serious narratives, serious game mechanics. Pretty much Hollywood blockbusters in every title. We do have to be a little realistic on what we expect. The main point is, If It's worth it to you It's worth it. Buy the game, support the developer and the franchise.
  24. Tis true. This guys shit-list of lies and scandal is a mile long. I remember when I first heard of Fable, I won't lie...I was stoked. Of course the gaming community had no other way to think about it than pure joy and excitement. The game-play themes and mechanics this guy spouted sounded WAY too good to be true...and it totally was. But, having Microsoft back your game, and after the colossal hit of Halo Microsoft landed with Bungie, It was hard NOT to believe what this guy was saying. When it released, It was the biggest let-down I've had in my years of gaming. Never have I been so disappointed by a release than by Fable. I do remember thinking it was kind of odd that a developer that was well known for making "God-sim" type games was crossing over into the action adventure RPG realm. Man I should have believed my gut on that one. But this guy is a total liar. The media initially played it off as "oh crazy Peter Molyneux is at it again." Instead of calling him out on his BS to begin with. This crap went on for many years, over and over the same thing. This guy needs to stop talking to the press about his releases. Not only because of the lies he feeds the consumer, but also because of the position he puts his development team in. Think of the coders, they are in the middle of coding something then all of a sudden "hey guys, we are doing this now. Better get on it because I told the fans it was included." Such crap.
  25. Ya, I was preoccupied while making the headline LOL, please disregard haha, but it was mostly stating he was at it again with his excuses during the interview. But, aside from the title, I was just wondering what people though of him. I have enjoyed his games in the past. I loved Black and white. But man, I can't believe a word out of this guys mouth.