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  1. Happy Easter
  2. Yup same here RIP numerous accoutns
  3. yes you can plug your ps3 controller to pc and download microsoft Xbox 360 controller drivers ( dosnt matter you have ps3 controller) and you are good to go.
  4. First 10 games that came up to my mind 1.Bioshock trilogy 2. Metro : redux 3. Guild Wars2 4.Divinity: original sin 5.Endless Legend 6. Shadow of Mordor 7.Borderlands2 GOTY 8.Fallout (all of them) 9. Wasteland 2 10. F.E.A.R. 1 +2
  5. These are from top of my head Dungeon keeper 1, Theme Hospital, Fallout 1+2, Ultima 6, Carmageddon II, Knights and Merchants.
  6. Some other streamers if you are bored : summit1g, CohnCarnage, GOGcom, killervick7 and for some good tones Monstercat
  7. Chaotic fun for bored times ... thank you for posting link!
  8. Good job man, very helpful idea. Keep up!
  9. Welcome to the AJSN.
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198098906752/wishlist
  11. Lirik ManVsGame sodapoppin DansGaming 5hizzle BikeMan FFSTV Giantwaffle
  12. There is limit of 2 players(3with you) for now, but they will increase it in the future.
  13. Nice review. Good Job! Bought the game day One, playing it every day and can´t stop
  14. It´s out and it is F* AMAZING!!! If there was´t label that says early access, you wouldn't even know it's early access game. Spread the word about this game it deserves it.
  15. Waaa!!! I can´t wait to play this. Persona 1-4 walkthrough again before 5 come up. HYPE!