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  1. Oh hey Ray I just was watching you as this trailer was announced, I am super pumped for this. Still getting my 120 gear for Dragoon but I am ready for all of this.
  2. PC gaming was great this year consoles not so much.
  3. PSN right now is acting odd for me.
  4. If you keep it GG or Anti GG free you should be fine, the main Issue Joe and mods talking about it is that many trolls will come on and make spam accounts. I am not going to talk anything about it due to what I have herd the Mods have been doing and I do agree with Joe that simply talking about it does bring some some the trolls. If there is a topic that is gaming related much as Dorito gate or the Shaows of Mordo run in you are fine.
  5. I just got GTA 5 for the PS4 and I am looking for a team to go run about and shoot thugs.
  6. Wow....that is a large egg yoke on there face after that big announcement at E3. I liked the mini sires leading to Halo 4.
  7. Destiny and Watch_Dogs, I played them both and am heavily disappointed in both.
  8. Nothing can fulling work on a DDoS attack it may work once but it wont work a second time.
  9. This people are planing to keep the service down until new years, there is no reason given other then to be dicks.
  10. I didn't say join his clan, just uses his videos get mire insight on Destiny.
  11. Hey guys I saw Angry Joe made a clan recruitment video and I thought his may help some of you with more information about the game. Below I will link a guys channel who is completely dedicated to Destiny and has made a few videos on Beta info, the cards and factions within the game. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkmAjbIecTIjTQctolYeuDw If you also want to play with me on Destiny I am Leoofmoon on the PSN, I hope to see you all planet side Guardians.
  12. Does anyone want to team up some time and play some games on the PS4? I got Warframe,War thunder,Blacklight and Battle field 4
  13. I dunno if this will help but I am thinking of grabbing one of this when Destiny comes out. http://www.amazon.com/Gold-Wireless-Stereo-Headset-playstation-4/dp/B00HVBPRUO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408138220&sr=8-1&keywords=PS4+headsets
  14. Hey anyone on the PS3 beta for Destiny?
  15. Hey I am just popping this out there anyone want to form a Titan fall squad on the Xbox360?