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  • Birthday 04/01/1989

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    Glasgow, Scotland
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    Gaming, socialising with friends, my career, spending time with my family
  1. I know this will be hard but going to try and plat GTA V lol
  2. Is drive club worth getting would you say, or should I skip it for a better racing game?
  3. I'm no having problems but I heard later its a pain to collect all the I'd tags plus this is my first play through and missed a few already I don't think I'll have the heart to do it all over again just for that. That is why I wonder if anyone has even got all the trophies for this game. Don't get me wrong for me its goty material but the id tag collectibles feel a bit pointless they should have added some sort of story element to them to make it worthwhile instead of the devs picture and a bronze trphie to go with lol
  4. GOTY: Alien Isolation (PS4) For me no other games comes close for AAA titles. Digital release GOTY: Infamous First Light PS Plus GOTY: Injustice Ultimate Ed.
  5. Is there anyone who platinumed alien isolation. Is it even possible?
  6. Forum Name: clashbang89 PSN Gamer tag: CLASHbang89 Games: alien isolation, ac unity, ac freedom cry, killzone shadow warriors, injustice, rayman Legends, plants vs zombies, daylight, infamous first light.
  7. Welcome bro I sent you a friends request.
  8. Greetings Angry army I'm happy to have joined and looking forward to gaming with this awesome community. Getting BF hard line as soon as it comes out, looking forward to playing this with anyone that fancies a game. I am located in Glasgow so don't be upset if I'm unavailable it might be due to time differences and I work but if you drop a message on my psn account I will try my best to reply as soon as possible. Thank you and good gaming everyone.