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  1. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by thebritwriter in Wondering?   
    Keep hold of the warranty and note for anything "unusual" all the same. I actually got top of the range laptop once back in 06 when there was a computer scheme at work (encouragement to enrol on a skills course and get a third price off a computer bought at certain stores with deducations being manageable via the wage.) It was quite a good deal, yet the monitor screen started showing 'lines' across the screen till it covered the screen and computer went dead. Not sure how that happened but it happened fast, and just not long after the warranty passed as well! I wasn't happy at the time..
    Still have a blast with that computer but just keep an eye out for anything unusual all the same.
  2. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Wondering?   
    You needn't worry. You'll be set for a while.
  3. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Wondering?   
    Wow.... that is one beefed up PC. You can pretty much play ANY game on max graphics settings with that!
    You’ll be fine playing games with that beast for many2 years.
  4. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by strafumato in Warframe recruitment   
  5. undeadslayer4 liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in why would joe deleted two of his nintendo videos when they were claimed he fought so hard to keep his 60 videos from being deleted   
    I think they do know. But, they want you to use their poor YouTube policies. Ever since YouTube implemented their content Id system companies have exploited it. This was evident when Joe and many others had their videos flagged by companies that didn't have a legal claim to the videos. Also many companies even said they didn't claim the videos to start with. So, Joe was able to get his videos backs Nintendo and Capcom Japan are still stuck in the old ways.
    I agree with PhoenixShi that it's about the money from the ad revenue that a letsplay video generates. Nintendo does have a right to claim those videos since their not protected under fair use.
  6. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in Nintendo copyright claims Joe's Mario party 10 video.   
    Nintendo has always been greedy when it comes to Youtuber's posting videos about their content. Its been that way for as long as I can remember... Well since Youtube established the content ID system and stuff. Which in someways is good but in a lot of ways bad since it's all a bot. 
    Made a similar analogy if Joe used something I made in his video. Sure I guess I could claim it but I wouldn't because it's good press for the both of us. Same as me using a clip from one of Joe's reviews in a video, blog, or discussion. I'm not claiming it as my own because hell I don't look like Joe hahahahaa. But, I can tell my viewers to go check out the rest of that video or his videos, and hell even subscribe to him if they find him interesting or good. Nintendo doesn't and never has realized the potential that the Youtube market has in getting their stuff promoted.
    If EA voted the worse country in America a couple of times can accept free press on Youtube... Than wow Nintendo has really lost it's way and needs to reevaluate itself... If that means they need to fire a few people than so be it. I love Nintendo but hate their policies.
  7. DestinyDecade liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in Nintendo copyright claims Joe's Mario party 10 video.   
    Nintendo is a good company but their policies are retarded... Especially the ones that are against Youtuber's who want to promote or show off their products. Yes they do have a right to claim videos but as Joe said it's a dickish move by them. I don't think they need to claim videos especially since people aren't claiming the game as their own. Obviously that's what Copyright is about so no one steals something you made or created to claim as their own. But, Nintendo is just going about it he wrong way in my opinion.
    The ad share revenue thing Nintendo has is kind of bullshit just saying. Most companies don't have that kind of thing and welcome people showing off their games. By all rights Joe has every right to every cent he makes off of his videos. Even if he's sharing other peoples works under fair use... Reviewers should be protected by that law and Nintendo doesn't understand that. He's not stealing your content and you obviously need every penny right?
    I agree Mr_E_Meatshield it should be classified as Fair Use.
  8. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by Mr. Molotov in Welcome to the Other Joe show!   

  9. DoctorEvil liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in Welcome to the Other Joe show!   
    Actually Lord Commander sir I enjoy Zombie Games!!!
  10. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in Welcome to the Other Joe show!   
    Zombie Games, nothing but zombie games!
  11. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by Mondez in Don't Know Who   
    The land claim size has been increase to 15x from 7x since you last played on the server & now we have admins around with actual powers, if you really need support then we'll be available on Teamspeak or Steam.. Perhaps you should look back. That being said, we're also waiting for A11 to launch, since that will probably mean a server wipe, meaning there's no reason to settle on anything permanent yet.
    But I have stuff coming, the foundation for our present AJSA HQ is already build, I plan to release a topic with more details later this week, to recruit builders, and share idea's! and we're probably also going to have a topic designated especially to report cheaters on the server, if done in a proper manner naturally, meaning proof. 
  12. Mondez liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in We can finally breath friends   
    Perhaps in the future Keen Software House will resolve those issues. If not eventually the modding community will resolve those through their own patches and tweaks to the game. I do think it is good that Keen Software House seems to be actively adding content to their game. So, in the end we all have to be patient to see whether or not they resolve the issues. Hopefully they'll resolve all the nat bugs in mutiplayer so that you and others can use tools haha. 
    As for the host he or she is allowed to choose what kind of features and functions they want in the server. Also sometimes that choice is made for them due to the limitations on a dedicated server platform. I've learned this from past experiences when I hosted dedicated servers for other games. That said I don't believe AJSA is doing this as a restriction but because of the dedicated servers limitations. The best we can do is wait to see what happens. 
  13. Munty liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in We can finally breath friends   
    At least the server is up and running again. 
    As for this situation here I believe all members of this community have the right to bring up problems with any AJSA server in a respectful manner. Also they should be given a reasonable time frame when the server will be up or if there will be any delays getting the server up. But, yea to continue on about the server being down or trying to push people off a server isn't right. At least everything is up and running for you guys and hopefully I can buy this game soon. 
  14. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by DamionRayne in Server set to weekly updates   
    Just as a note, 
    The server is set to auto restart, and to auto update. Should help a few things.
  15. DoctorEvil liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in Another Base for you Guys to Enjoy   
    Thought I would post another base me and a friend did on another server.
    Credit goes to my friend Monkey Killer for building the moat. These are just screen shots of the outside for now I might post interior ones in the future. 
    Front of the base with wood planks to cross the moat.


    Rear of the base. 
    River side of the base. 
    The moat used to keep zombies out. Spider zombie proof and slows down the zombies that run at night. 

    Repair tunnel used to repair the wall if it takes damage. 

  16. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in Concerns about the future of the AngryJoeShow   
    A well articulated and thought out post, Seviteal, thank you for making valid concerns that are a class above the usual "WHY U NO REVEIW?" YouTube Comments.  
    While doing a psychological analysis on what motivates Joe is not a very useful thought experiment, I think it's best to assume Joe is acting rationally; diversifying his content, streaming on Twitch, and starting this very Community to ensure all of his eggs are not in one basket.  This ensures no matter what happens with YouTube Copyright claiming, Joe has many avenues to bring entertainment to viewers.  
  17. anubist800 liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in Official AJSA Top 10 Controversies of 2014 Discussion Thread!   
    I'm neutral when it comes to Gamer Gate. I think both sides have valid arguments and points and some not so much. Yes we do win anubist800 if we stick together in peace and harmony together. Angry Army should be joined together and not split apart because of Gamer Gate. 
  18. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by Commissar Elusive in Disappointing Ending   
    As someone who lives in the Seattle area, I'm actually pretty smug about their defeat. They blew the biggest HYPE bubble over this and I take great pleasure in popping it.
  19. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by Commissar Elusive in New Base :-)   
    No wonder I never see you. I'm keeping my stuff hidden till I have contingency bases prepared. 
  20. Commissar Elusive liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in New Base :-)   
    Here's a pic of the beginning room of my new base that I am building. 

    This is what my new base looks like currently after I moved out of my old one. For those who read "Don't Know Who" topic; I don't think the individuals that took my place were from AJSA Community, and were probably random collective of people who joined the sever. So, you can disregard that post and it can be deleted haha. Just needed to vent since that's more frustrating and angering than being raided. However, in someways it was a good thing that it happen because I found a nice location. 
    I'm open to people bunking with me if they want to just need to let me know. I am currently envisioning a bigger base in the near future; working on another big room at the moment.
    So, far I have 8 Forges, Water Pool, and 6 cook fires. 2 Fires with Beakers, 2 Fires with Grills, and 2 with pots.