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  1. is the xbox1 or ps4? if its the ps4 i think another member posted a thread to join in. He used to play in bf4 on the 360 as well.
  2. I think some personal life issues and upgrading stopped alot of people, I'll add you to my battle log and I'll try to get things rolling on friday nights if its not an issue
  3. He deserves a commission for his work. Really looking forward to a fully developed game from him and his team(if applicable)
  4. I own WG:EE and just recently picked up ALB. I do plan to get red dragon as well but i would rather get familiar with the air units in ALB first. I'm concerned a jump straight in from EE would just overwhelm me. I enjoy the series quite a bit. The ie significantly more strategic and tactical considerations in this then in almost any other strategy game i have played or seen.I also like the gameplay mechanics, you really cant just arty and helo spam your way to victory, tank rush can fail to advance with well positioned infantry. If you want you can add me on steam "DocPrice", I wouldnt mind getting schooled by an fellow AJSA grunt before we crush some clowns some time. Maybe we can grab a few others and get things rolling.
  5. I think everyone has a relatively level field, but I never enjoyed trying to take a Greek city. I just did a quick siege on Lilybaleum(Carthaginian) as a Scipii force, and that was right after they took Syracuse from Greece, so Carthage has no meaningful resistance on Sicily now. Just Keep an eye open for opportunities.
  6. If you never noticed before, destroy all the non-roman buildings in a settlement that you can, and replace them with Roman ones. This can convert the local area to your culture, reducing disorder. And build those shrines to Jupiter, as mentioned before. Also, instead of exterminating the populace (I never do that unless I absolutely know I cannot hold the area) a good option is to enslave it, you can get a trade income boost and it disperses the resistors all across the empire. Doing that causes a small bump of disorder in all regions and is the lesser risk option that allows the city you captured to recover quickly. I prefer to play Scipii myself, and in doing so you can beat up Carthage early on and control the western Mediterranean before they get too powerful, And the Brutii contend with the Greek Juggernaut. Best way to cripple either of them is to blockade their ports. I've been meaning to get back on Rome as well, maybe we could get an AAR thread set up so all the armchair generals can discuss their grand "Strategeries"
  7. "A branch of the US Military has it as their unwritten / obligatory demand that you must read the book for some obscured reason." Its not that obscure. US Naval Academy Annapolis(Robert A. Heinlein graduated from there in 1929) has this as unofficial required reading to the cadets because of the message it provided. There was a portrayal of a sense of duty and placing the needs of the society as a whole above oneself, a pervasive theme even in my time in training in the Army. And from what I gather, the novel also portrayed military lifestyle as well in some fashion.
  8. I'm up for it. I am currently in a corp, but for the AJA I would resign from it, seeing as its not that active. I'm a Caldari Pilot, and exclusively a combat pilot.
  9. I believe we should get involved with this game. I am also former 1st EPI. If anyone we get started I can volunteer time to train new people up for line battles.
  10. We don't mind a little bromance.
  11. I will at least send you all friend requests.
  12. what did you all think about final fantasy tactics? Both the PlayStation version and gameboy version?
  13. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind