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  1. There's only 3 days left on this Kickstarter, so if you feel like contributing, do so now
  2. They made another video showing different sets of armor and weapons: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/defiant/hand-of-fate-a-card-game-that-comes-to-life/posts/683597?ref=activity
  3. Update: new video that shows better how a game is played: https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/assets/001/394/136/9e01c66d965d276ccfd09114a150703e_h264_high.mp4 Honestly, I'm quite reassured by the video. The combat is still a little floaty, but if they focus on putting weight behind it, the game might be great. Edit: here's a Youtube link for the same video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAd68C4OPoA
  4. Man I saw that project, I backed it almost right away. For a little more description, it's a game about making cars with different modules (engines, capacitors for weapons, etc...), in a quite intuitive way, and then to use this vehicule to play on your own or with friends. There's a demo out on all platforms (even Ubuntu!) so go get it if cars with guns is your thing! Demo : http://www.scrapsgame.com/download
  5. As it was said, in many cases, projects didn't reach their goals so nobody was charged. Makes me wonder if you actually know what kickstarting is about if you don't even know that. But even then, it's not a payement, you don't buy anything with a kickstarter. Kickstarter is throwing money at homeless people and hoping when they do better with their lives, they'll repay you. Well, it might not be that dramatic, but basically, once the project is funded, your money is as good as gone. In many cases, though, a product is made, and a good one sometimes. But Kickstarter is a casino. You never know if you're gonna get your "money's worth", which is why you should never think of it as a purchase, but rather as a gamble. And seriously, did you read the novel I wrote? Cause I made a mofing block about how abuse and scam can be avoided. Jeez.
  6. I think there are several things to address here. A few general observations: - Many project have quite a low goal, most games I've backed are under 1 million, more often under 100k$. I can think of a few exceptions like Star Citizen (because the project is quite daring), but the general rule is that the goal isn't so high. - Many of these projects get over-funded. I've participated in a kickstart for a french web-series I liked who wanted to take things to the next level and make a movie (the series is called Noob, you can look it up). They were asking for 35000€. They received 680k€. Did they need that? Nope. People were just extra generous. They didn't "take" anything from people, people were generous for a local project they liked. - Pre-ordering is fundamentally distinct from kickstarter, which is essentially crowd-funding. The idea behind most of these kickstarter projects is that without the crowd-funding, the project either wouldn't see the light of day, or it would be less good. Common crowdfunding project usually are about making something from scratch (which is a hard gamble), or help finishing and polishing a project that can't go further from a lack of funds. When you preorder BF4 or a XB 1, one the other hand, whether you buy it or not doesn't change anything: it will be made exactly the same way whether you preorder it or not. And in most cases, preordering is dumb (I know it from experience, I've preordered Rome Total War 2 recently). Kickstarting, on the other hand, is helping a project see the light of day, or being greatly improved. Of course, crowd-funding is still a young practice, and very often it's open to abuse. I don't know of whom you speak when you quote a company that made 15mil and then bailed, but it certainly happens, and not necessarily on that scale. Alright, an economic system that allows abuse, how 'bout that ^^ The big new thing that crowd-funding brings us, though, is financing a project without having to make it financially succesful. This game is for a niche? Alright, the niche will finance it, that way the game won't have to lose its soul to adapt to the harsh practices of your so revered stock options and dividends, that are usually bought by "old white rich men" that only want profit out of it. A game that has already been payed for can achieve its vision, without an EA in between that makes sure that always-on DRM and 70 DLCs are part of the package. So it's better for everyone, when the project is made with a vision, because that vision can usually be pursued without other shackles than the tech advances of its time. But agreed, kickstarting is broken. Here's what we could do to fix it: - Once the funding goal is reached, nobody can pledge anymore. That'll get rid of the over-funding problem, and might also help people realise that the quantity of money thrown into a project is not proportional to the goodness of the final product. If a vision needs 100k to be achieved by the studio that has it, 100k is what they shall have. It also avoids having projects deliberately aim lower, because they know if the project buzzes it'll get much more. Of course they can always switch to Paypal or make another project, but the number of people they'll lose that way and the effort it is to do it makes it less susceptible to abuse. - Have specific laws (and while we're waiting for politicians to understand what the Internet is, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding sites terms of service improvements) that make the studio legally responsible for the sum that has been donated, which essentially makes the dissapearing millions scenario far more difficult. - If laws aren't enough, payement organisations (like PayPal or Amazon) can enforce this by refusing to give the money to the organisation that was funded unless they make proof of "good will". PayPal has been known for doing that in a particularly shitty way (because it refused to give the sum, whilst having taken it from donators, without any valid reason to do so), but they could protect their customers rather than just being dicks.
  7. This forum section is more about project that need a crowdfunding audience. I might be wrong, but pre-ordering isn't kickstarting... You should try to post this game in the 'Should AJSA Officially Support & Play (Insert Game)?! ' section: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forum/47-should-ajsa-officially-support-play-insert-game-vote-here/
  8. I guess the appropriate forum would rather be Alphas, considering the game is not searching for a crowdfunding at the minute. The game sounds interesting though
  9. From what I can tell, they don't seem to want to make it too difficult (it's no Dark Souls). I hope there will be several difficulty levels to choose from, but I can't tell if there actually will be. But still, I enjoyed Fable's combat (and it was Fable 3, yeah, I know, boo me XD) for what it was, even if it wasn't brilliant. With the cards to spice it all up, it could be enjoyable (not brilliant, enjoyable). What would be much better, though, of course, is if you indeed need to make a deck that can counter specific enemies. It seems to be their objective, considering there are various types of weapons and enemies. I couldn't imagine that weapons with different effects affect all enemies in the same way, it would go completely against the whole spirit of the project. But it's a kickstarter project, so of course there's a risk this game will be a total disaster. The alpha starts in december I believe, so we'll know shortly anyway ^^
  10. Yes, a lack of combat complexity is my main concern as well. That being said, if the card are varied enough, the combat doesn't have to be Dark Souls worthy to make the game interesting. As long as there are a few combos/weapon and lots of weapons, I think it'll still be good. They've said they'll upload more gameplay videos soon, so I'll keep updating this post as they do.
  11. Hey there AJSA! I just wanted to introduce you to a Kickstarter project I recently backed. It's called Hand of Fate, and the project takes different mechanics from various genres (rogue-like dungeon generation, CCGs card systems, action RPG combat style) and melts them together in order to offer a new experience. I would like to ask you to go have a watch on Kickstarter : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/defiant/hand-of-fate-a-card-game-that-comes-to-life Please tell me what you guys think and upvote the post if you like it Thank you for reading!
  12. Backed the project!
  13. Hey guys, I recently started playing Empire Universe 3 during the day (during my work breaks), I wondered if anyone else was playing it and who might be interested to start an AJSA empire on it. The address: http://www.empireuniverse3.co.uk Have fun o/
  14. Hello everyone! I'm Vranken, a gamer from France. I have a PC and a PS3 but I'm primarily into PC gaming. I like BF, EVE Online and I'm looking forward to playing Star Citizen. I hope I'll have a great time here with you guys!