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  1. Beware of inclement weather on standby. Left my PS4 on standby and had some successive brown outs from light freezing rain last night. Seems ok so far but can't be good for the system.
  2. Try borrowing one from a friend who gets a next gen console. Last of Us alone is at least worth getting it lended to you.
  3. Also good to know that the PS3 power cord is compatible with the PS4.
  4. Think the OP wrote it to troll but there do seem to be alot of cases of broken disc drives. http://kotaku.com/reports-of-xbox-one-disc-drive-issues-increase-1470495704 Of course no solid numbers just like the PS4 BLOD.
  5. Got 2k14, BF4 and killzone plus the freebies. Feel free to add dc_camel
  6. Get the vita in ear buds if you want something under $20.
  7. Going by the logic used in the PS4 thread 31% are defective according to the 1 star amazon reviews! /s =P
  8. One thing they NEED to add is friggin VOICE CHAT. What is this dark souls? You need to communciate with people in warzones. Sucks that you can only do it through party chat.
  9. So no twitch streaming at launch.
  10. Mine is silent as well after hours of gaming.
  11. Sending this to Major Nelson.
  12. Wow 2k14 getting no love. Was a tossup between that and Killzone for me. Only because BF4 has been a steaming pile of ass...
  13. I think people are more likely to write a review if their product isn't working to vent anger than if everything is working. I bought from Amazon and mine is working fine and I haven't written a review about it. Amazon is probably the largest seller of the console in the country and they have 674 1 star reviews. Did you go through each review? Some of them are like this:
  14. Already have one so I won't be entering in hopes it goes to someone who hasn't been able to get one. Hopefully someone that would actually use it instead of sell it!
  15. How many systems is it? 4,000? 10,000? 40,000? If it is any of those numbers they STILL fall under the average rate of hardware failure for electronic devices. You have to keep in mind that they have sold a million units in one day.