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  1. fade liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in PS4 Interface   
    Still making wild assumptions are we?
    First of all you want to do is continue to bitch and moan about HIM, do it on your own.  Here I'll even leave links to his youtube and facebook because I and nobody else cares.
    Now lets make some wills assumptions about YOU, I've read other posts of yours.
    You'r a steambot, a but hurt PC Master Race elitist who wanted the XBox One and PS4 to be DRM controlled, disc locked, always online machines with no legitimate ownership of games because you refuse to accept that you'r precious overpriced steam machine has been screwing you for years.  Do you realise that you don't own a single game you purchased on Steam and if valve decides to get out of the market all the money you invested in that library is wasted?  There just long term rentals and you PC elitists just bent over and took it.  You think you care about gamers and gaming..... no you don't, just like the companies that tried to implement it on consoles. 
    But us console gamers stood up for ourselves didn't we?  We chose to actually defend our basic consumer rights and got those policies changed.  Are you actually ignorant enough to believe that Microsoft and Sony would have reduced the price of their retail games to $30 if those policies were in place?  For you'r sake I hope nope not.  For me the next gen consoles would not have been an option at all because as of this moment my internet sucks, I get a download speed of around 350Kb/sec at best so I couldn't use a system so online dependent but you forgot about people who don't have good internet because as already established you don't care.
    Now go back to the PC gaming forms at take your arrogant superiority complex with you.
  2. Drunkcrusader liked a post in a topic by fade in ps3 still worth it?   
    Try borrowing one from a friend who gets a next gen console.  Last of Us alone is at least worth getting it lended to you.
  3. LinoksPeng liked a post in a topic by fade in *New Idea* AJSA Mankini's!   
    Sending this to Major Nelson.