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About Draconic25

  • Birthday 04/27/1993

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    [AJSA] Draconic25

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    Gaming, of course! But preferably sandbox-style games, namely Minecraft and Space Engineers.
  1. Well that certainly gives me a reason to try this game out now
  2. Make sure to shut the door behind you, don't want that nuclear winter to get in. Everyone knows how hard it is to polish rust.
  3. Super excited for Space Build, if it actually happens!
  4. I don't usually wear bracelets but I'd totally buy one anyway.
  5. I'll be away on the 15th unfortunately, but I'll go with either faction since I haven't played yet. However, I will say that I feel like as a group we should go with whatever faction has the most people already playing it, in order to disrupt the least number of players.
  6. I'm not sure if a game like Anno 2070 belongs in the 4X or City and Tycoons subforums, since it's not exactly either of those? But anyway, I've had Anno 2070 for a while, and I think that with the E3 announcement of Anno 2205 more people might have looked up Anno and found that 2070 exists. If anyone else in the AJSA is looking for someone to play Anno 2070 with, feel free to send me a message or a friend invite on Steam! As for my play style, I like to use the biggest maps possible, and I'm a casual (sorry but that's how it is) so I prefer easier difficulties. No pirates, and I usually like to play with no NPCs, or NPCs that aren't aggressive, since I just like to build. (The Ark factions are different since they don't conflict with me.) Although I can do some negotiation as far as difficulty or pirates goes, but I generally just don't like the combat all that much. My Steam username is [AJSA] Draconic25 and here's a link to my Steam profile if you need it: CLICK HERE I believe my profile is set to private, so just send me a friend request if you're interested.
  7. I'm not much of a racing person myself (mostly cause I'm bad at it) but I think it'd be pretty cool to see everyone's nice cars. The road trip idea sounds fun too.
  8. I dunno if this is the right place to post this, but this seems the most logical place to me! [PS: If you know where I should put this post instead please let me know.] Anyway, recently I've been wanting to start streaming stuff, and I figured asking the AJSA for their opinions would be a good idea. There are a few games I'm interested in streaming, a few singleplayer and a few multiplayer, but instead of just picking a random one to play I made a poll to see what people are interested in. So, if you'd like to try out my stream sometime, please vote! CLICK HERE! I don't have a regular schedule in mind, but I'll probably stream on weekends most of the time since that's when people have time usually. Thanks for your time! EDIT: Figured I should actually link my Twitch channel too! Here it is: LINK
  9. Finally got the game! And big surprise, I got an Aurora.
  10. Just got the game, installing as I type this! Handle is Draconic234 and I just sent an Organization application right before posting this.
  11. Alright. Thanks again for the help and advice. :3
  12. Thanks for the advice with ships Newtype, I'll probably choose between the Aurora LN and the 300I since I don't wanna spend TOO much money [at least, not yet]. I could still use some help figuring out the money system though, because I don't know if I should pick something more combat-oriented right now to make some money before the game comes out. If doing Arena Commander will give me UEC in addition to REC, then I could probably see myself buying a combat ship to use before the game is released, so I'll have some UEC to spend on release. But if it'd only give me REC I don't see the value in buying a combat ship to start out with, because it'd probably be better to buy a cargo or merchant type ship as my starting ship.
  13. So I recently got a new joystick, and plan on getting Star Citizen very soon. But I'm confused on exactly what I should get to start out, and how I'll get other ships when the game is released. I know that Arena Commander gives rental credits to rent other ships, but does Arena Commander also give non-rental credits to be spent in the standard game? Basically, should I buy a fighter ship like a Mustang or the Aurora LN and buy the Arena Commander module separately to get money to buy a non-combat ship on the game's release, or would it be a better idea to buy a non-combat ship at the start, like the Aurora MR AC starting package? Obviously I'll probably be doing some combat at least sometimes during the game, but I don't want to make combat my primary gameplay. But I don't know if I should start off with combat in order to get the credits to buy a good non-combat ship, or if I should buy one from the start. Any advice?
  14. Hope you can run it! The more people the better! Also, I wonder if there'll be an AJSA server for multiplayer. Although I haven't played GTA V at all yet, so I dunno how the multiplayer works, but it'd be awesome to have our own server.